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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mid-Day Briefs on the Crumbling Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

 Gabriel blow your horn on the Los Angeles Political Machine. As we enter the last year of the Mayor Antonio Villar's "Reign of Corruption", the walls are crumbling on the dirty dealings of the associates of the Villar Machine.
 LACCD Inspector General Christine "The Hotness" Marez.
Former Mayor Tom Bradley administration official Art Gastelum (gray hair in center) and his Gateway Science and Engineering firm, get generous column inches of attention from the Los Angeles Times as the expose of questionable financial dealings within the LACCD Capital Building Programs continues. But strangely absence from the LA Times latest missive on the antics of Gastelum's Gateway Firm are any mention of former five year Gateway employee and now LACCD Inspector General Christine "The Hotness" Marez (BTW, a friend tells me that Marez was creative with her "hotness" during her time at LAUSD). Were just speculating here but those in the know on the LACCD scandal wonder if Gastelum's former employee has turn on her former boss considering the controversy surrounding Marez's fitness to serve as LACCD Inspector General.

** The City Council out of no where filed evictions proceedings against the operators of the Los Angeles Theater Center as the Downtown News reports. The Latino Theater Company and the Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture have been feuding partners since winning the controversial contract to run the facility in 2003. We should note that former Los Angeles Pension Board Member Montezuma Eaparza is the Executive Board Chairperson of the Los Angeles Theater Center and the likes of Michael Delijani, Maria Elena Durazo and Art Gastelum serve on the General Board.
** A Mayor Villar appointee to the North Valley Planning Commission Victor Simpson has attracted the ire of City Councilman Tony Cardenas for operating two sidewalk recycling centers without the proper permits. as the Daily News reports, Cardenas finds Simpson's actions ..... well galling. For Cardenas, the violations are particularly galling given Sampson's longtime position on the area planning commission, a group tasked with development decisions. The Coldwell Banker executive, who owns numerous commercial sites in Sun Valley, was first appointed to the commission by former Mayor Richard Riordan in 2000. 
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger YJDraimanForMayor2013 said:

Are LA voters angry enough to change the current administration at Los Angeles City Hall?
LA voters in the March 2011 Elections voted for incumbents - People do not care, why?

Why do we think LA city election on March 5, 2013 will be any different?

I would think with the poor performance and dismal track record by the current administration, the voters would demand to change the current administration at LA City Hall.
The performance of the current administrations borders on criminal neglect.
In order to move forward, we must educate the voters, let them know that the current administration goals are business as usual, there will be no significant changes and the city will be heading into bankruptcy. The escalating costs of pensions and benefits will drain most of the city budget as we head into 2020. The increased taxes and fees on residents and businesses will push people and businesses to leave the city. This again will reduce revenues to the city.

The city must initiate an austerity program. Cut salaries and benefits across the board, increase efficiency and performance. The Police Department should utilize civil service employees for clerical work, not Police Officers. The city must tighten its belt and reduce taxes and fees, streamline bureaucracy. Promote the health of existing businesses and actively go after new businesses. Any city employee who is not performing his job to standards should be put on suspension without pay or benefits and if such action has not improved the workers performance, the worker/employee should be terminated. The city must utilize its most expensive resource, its employees more efficiently, promote a good work environment and reward exceptional performance. People must realize that if they do not do their job, they will have no job and no means of support. The city must streamline management and reduce management costs. A high administrative cost is not prudent and not sustainable. LA’s employee costs are one of the highest in the country. We need a change in attitude, and that starts at the top. As they say in good leadership, “follow me”.

The main question is, why LA voters don't care, why they are resigned to accept failure and diminishing LA city services.

Can we not find a leader who will motivate City Hall and initiate hard choices to bring the city to financial health?

City elections should be held on the first Tuesday of November with all the other elections to Federal, County & State.
It will reduce costs and increase voter turnout.
The peoples brigade for honest government

YJ Draiman
“The choice we face in Los Angeles and as a nation is simple: Do we want the clean energy and conservation technologies of tomorrow to be invented in America by American innovators, made by American workers and sold around the world, or do we want to concede those jobs to our competitors?” Asks Energy Specialist YJ Draiman. “We can and must compete for those jobs.” In Los Angeles, we have the technology, the climate, the resources and the manpower. Let us proceed with conviction.

YJ Draiman


April 01, 2012 10:07 AM  

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