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Friday, October 21, 2011

TGIF Afternoon Political News Dump 10-21-11: Tales of Retribution and Shakedowns from CD 14

The "Huizar Way" in CD 14.
Happy TGIF from the Fiefdom of CD 14 where your local council person finds refuge from the inquiring scribes (Zahniser and Regardie via Vaillancourt) and blogs by sipping the morning decaffeinated (nothing strong about the Maven's brand of "press release journalism") brew of the "City Maven". No wonder the Princeton grad twits of 
I just had my morning coffee
..... especially after her writing this in Thursday morning's "decaffeinated edition".
L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar allegedly (nothing alleged about this black balling) used his influence to bar an adversary from running the Historic Downtown Los Angeles Business Improvement District, according to the Los Angeles Times. The executive director position was expected to go to Roberto Saldaña until the councilman got involved and pushed him out. Huizar told The Times he was not involved in the decision regarding Saldaña.(... and I have a Rudy Martinez "Peace and Love" email by the "Maven" and "Ed 121's" buddy Michael "MEAT" Trujillo).
That is why the "Maven" is the press release journalist of choice for the likes of Michael Trujillo and Parke Skelton.
Meanwhile, back in the CD 14 Fiefdom, we bring you another story of alleged "strong arm pay to showcase" from the staff of Councilman Huizar's Eagle Rock Field Office. The Highland Park/Mt. Washington Patch reported a couple of weeks back that the popular MorYork Gallery was discontinuing its part in the popular NELA's "Second Saturday Artwalk Gallery Night" along York Boulevard. The reason as sighted in the story by Josef Bray-Ali were .......
Josef Bray-Ali, who owns the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop in Highland Park and runs the Spoke'n'Art Gallery Night Ride, said numerous gallery owners were contacted by Councilman Huizar's office regarding new fees to help cover costs associated with NELA Art's Second Saturday Gallery Night.
"Huizar's office called a bunch of NELA art people and threatend them with 'charges for services,'" Bray-Ali said. "It is all vague stuff. His office is just spreading the hate right now. What 'costs' and 'liabilities' would they dare to foist on these galleries?"
Then what follows has become a FUBAR of mis-communication, mistaken intentions and a still closed MorYork Gallery. In the follow up story by the Patch, Bray-Ali stated this..........

Flying Pigeon Bike Shop owner Josef Bray-Ali, who organizes the Spoke'n'Art Gallery Ride on gallery night, previously told Patch that Huizar's office had called local gallery owners and threatened them with "charges for services."Bray-Ali later apologized for his comments, admitting he jumped to conclusions after a talking to a local member of the arts community who was upset by a conversation with Huizar's office."My quotes were made before I talked with the staffer responsible for the calls," Bray-Ali said. "The bits about the city hitting people up for fees is baseless and untrue." (Did someone wake up with a CD 14 Horse head?)
Meanwhile, Councilman Huizar's office denies any discussions of fees for services (BTW, should the CD 14 Staff Salary, whoops, CLARTS Fund be use for events such as this?). But just this week, Second Saturday Gallery Night Director Brian Mallman stepped down sighting the MorYork Controversy as part of the reason .......

Milligan is stepping into her role as Gallery Night director in the wake of MorYork Gallery Owner Glare Graham's decision to close his doors to the public.
Graham posted on his blog he would no longer be able to participate in gallery night due to “looming significant costs sought by the city for services” and “serious legal liability.” 
Zenay Loera, a field deputy for Huizar’s office who spoke directly with Graham, told Patch on Monday that the city has no intention of charging fees to gallery night participants.
“I think it was a misunderstanding,” Loera said “Maybe it was the terms we used that possibly set him off. We didn't talk about fees, we did talk to him about liability and we wanted to make sure he knew what his liability was as a participant in the event and talk to him about the city’s liability is as well.”
Loera added that she hoped that Graham would reconsider his decision to stop participating in Gallery Night.
....... and when it comes to understanding the "Huizar Way" the best translation is "do as I say" or "pay the consequences".

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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