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Monday, September 19, 2011

Retired City Councilman Greig Smith endorses Jan Perry for Mayor

Ex.CD 12 City Councilman Greig Smith "contemplating" action within the horseshoe during council proceedings.
Retire/termed out CD 12 City Councilman Greig Smith awaken from retirement slumber today to endorse CD 9 City Councilwoman Jan Perry's 2013 Mayoral Bid. Smith, a fiscal conservative during his time within the horseshoe, will open doors for Perry within the San Fernando Valley, especially among business interests.
In his endorsement of Perry, Smith cited the lone woman remaining within the horseshoe, as someone who will  practice fiscal sanity and continue to show backbone in reforming the DWP.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger g said:

one idiot supporting another. what we don't need is miss aeg to tear down los angeles to give construction jobs to latinos. no thanks! jan perry

September 20, 2011 4:01 PM  

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