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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Wednesday

CurbedLA reports that Council Member Tom LaBonge unveiled a slick new map that shows all of Los Angeles' Sister Cities (I don't think this blog is on that map).  One of Curbed's readers dares to ask "This is what LaBonge wastes his time with?" No, LaBonge finds plenty of other things to waste his time on.

Mayor Villaraigosa and members of the City Clowncil finally announced their major solar intitiative this week.  What isn't mentioned is how they're planning a major tax and spend scam for the March ballot that you will pass for this big boondoggle.  We're not opposed to alternative energy at all but the Mayor's advisors have found that the one positive he can try to run on is as the "Green Mayor." Since he never got around to those 1000 more cops.

Speaking of those cops, a line in the sand may be drawn between the Mayor and the City Council on budget matters.  The Clowncil wants to consider a hiring freeze for LAPD and LAFD but the Mayor is committed to his public safety agenda.  Mayoral spokesflack Matt Szabo told the LA Times "The easiest way in the world to balance the budget is to cut police and fire, but we're not paid to do what's easy. We're paid to do what's right."

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

The animal shelters were supposed to have solar energy and other green elements. During the Mayor's reign he allowed the project managers to remove the solar energy and other green elements from construction to save money. Not only did the Mayor not meet his campaign goals and promises but he's not even green.

November 26, 2008 9:03 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Bitter Bernie leading the charge against Bratton/ LAPD again. Maybe he should consider that he lost to spendthrift union-kiss-butt Ridley-Thomas, who hasn't held an office in a while, because he comes off as so out of touch with what people need.

Smith is also operating in his own mindspace sometimes, like blurting out that the city never intended to hire cops for the trash fee hikes, anyway, just get full reimbursement for trash pick-up. Sometimes Smith is okay, and spends his own time volunteering as a reserve officer working on DNA rape kits, but other times, he and Zine seem not just geographically but mentally disconnected.

These 2 are among the ones who most consistently try to be fiscally responsible, but at times like this, when they go after the public's mandate for MORE cops, MORE safety, they're out of it.

The westside HOA's and NC's and west valley are among those that are angriest at the spike in burglaries there, even attempted assaults, because more cops are deployed to the "gang reduction zones." Which may be reducing crime overall, but pushing property crime into other areas.

They need to freeze overall hiring and pensions, and with Zine and Smith getting HUGE LAPD pensions, Parks too, is that one they don't want to touch?

What we don't need is an elephant sanctuary which would cost more than the whole $55 million they're talking about cutting, after you buy the elephants to keep Billy company, the staff, insurance, and upkeep on top of the land. That's one that Bernie's Budget Committee MUST shoot down. Send Billy up north to that sanctuary, although the one being built at the zoo is far better than elephant enclosures at any other zoo, it's like that at San Diego which is widely regarded as a world model. (Does anyone believe that Cardenas and Alarcon are suddenly so interested in elephants, not in getting hold of the land and an ongoing entitlement program to suck more funds with kickbacks and employ homies?)

If they want to scrap the whole zoo thing, put the money into Parks & Rec, some remaining $30 million, instead of cutting that.

Then like Lloyd LEvine said, take the money that would have come out of the General Fund for Parks and other human services, into LAPD and LAFD. (Who's have thought Lloyd Levine, just as he's leaving would end up sounded the most reasonable of his wacky Democrat colleagues? HE's even sounding that way on radio soundbites with the collapse of state budget talks.)

November 26, 2008 9:28 AM  

Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said:

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen (puts up bumbershoot and glances at sky):

It appears to be raining today, and the rain, if you will, often washes away the top coat and exposes the ugly truth of what really lies beneath. (Smiles) Perhaps now might be the time to start mentioning the student head tax that is also destined for the March ballot. Or perhaps not, savvy?

(Extends hand in sweeping gesture) And to the crew I say meet up on the morrow at the pirate compound in Pacific Palisades for feasting and planning the 2nd Pirate Ball.

(Whispers) And thank you Lord Mayor for not being a wanker for you were for a while there but are one no more unless of course you decide you want to be in which case we can't help but say that you are, savvy?

November 26, 2008 1:50 PM  

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