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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

There probably isn't a City Council member wo engenders more animosity from the citizenry than Jack Weiss. Now he wants to be City Attorney. Weiss told Ron Kaye "Ron, I have to tell you how happy I am just to be sitting around the horseshoe." The problem is - as noted by Kaye and by Zuma Dogg quite some time ago - Weiss is rarely in his seat during Council meetings and has avoided about as many votes as Barack Obama. Weiss was politically smart to hitch his wagon to the Antonio Villaraigosa political machine as he seeks to follow Rocky Delgadillo but it won't be without a fight. Former Deputy District Attorney Carmen Trutanich and Deputy City Attorney Michael Amerian are planning full bore challenges against Weiss.

Following the resignation by Nick Patsouras to run for City Controller, San Fernando Valley attorney and activist Lee Kanon Alpert has been named as President of the Board of Department of Water and Power Commissioners. Alpert told the San Fernando Valley Business Journal “I do enjoy it. You feel like you are participating when you can be heard on issues that are vital to the survival of the city.” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will fill the seat left open by Patsouras' departure.

Council Member Dennis Zine is pushing a law that would restrict access of paparazzi photographers to celebrities in public but one former attorney turned tabloid television show producer/host is calling Zine's efforts ridiculous. Harvey Levin of the program and website TMZ said "It's ridiculous. Cops don't walk around with tape measures. Laws already exist that need to be enforced."

When the San Fernando Valley opted out of building subway or light rail beyond the Red Line in North Hollywood local politicians came up with the Orange Line busway as an alternative. Now a number of Valley denizens are calling on the MTA to look at the option of converting the bus road to a light rail line. However in addition to cost there is opposition from local politicians such as Zev Yaroslavsky.

Don't forget the fundraising BBQ today benefiting LAPD Officer Taybren Lee who lost his home and all his belongings in the recent Sylmar fire. Click here for more information.

Pot smokers voted for Barack Obama in large numbers but they might be having buyer's remorse. Capitol Weekly reports that Obama's assumed appointments of Eric Holder for attorney general, and Donald Vereen as transitional co-chair of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) have medical marijuana advocates concerned as both Holder and Vereen have been historically opposed to medical marijuana.

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Blogger PhilKrakover said:

Ah yes, again I commend you, Michael for addressing a few more issues that bear discussion.

1) Weiss wants to be City Attorney (not "City Council") he'd have to do an amoebic split to do that.

2) "Nuch" Trutanich is a serious candidate; Michael Amerian is a young, bright lawyer who can self fund. Give him a few years and he'll be a VERY serious candidate, but for now he is serving notice for the future, you might call it "setting the table".

3) Nuch has money, the backing of Steve Cooley, our DA and Lee Baca, our Sheriff. I call that serious, and, when combined with Weiss' likability, I see a real horse race here.

4) Since the Mayor's race will be a foregone conclusion (I know you hate this Higby, but face it, AV would have to be caught with a dead girl or a live boy to lose this one).

5) Wendy Greuel looked like she had another breezer, but Nick Patsouras may be able to raise some bucks and give her a run for her money. She wins it easily, still, she has to spend some significant bucks now to assure that victory.

So, let's spend time (and ink) on the City Attorney race.

Go for it, Dum Dums.

November 24, 2008 5:05 AM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

Forget the other candidates for City Attorney. The right man is David Berger, a criminal prosecutor. Check out his track record for going after gangs. His website is http://Berger4CA.com.

And did I mention? He is the only candidate for City Attorney who opposes "sanctuary city" policies.

November 24, 2008 7:14 AM  

Blogger Barf in the Hat said:

Damn OK So Krakover's cool, sorry already, just call off the hit.

November 24, 2008 2:37 PM  

Blogger PhilKrakover said:

Never heard of David Berger, but Nuch was the original gang prosecutor and did it big time for the DA before going into private practice and making money. He's a real lawyer, and besides, criminal prosecutions is just a little of what the City Attorney does.

Civil representation of the city is key!! Under Hahn and Rocky, we have paid out way too much; we need someone who is a good civil litigator to analyse and handle these, and beat the huge cowardly settlements the CA has recommended, like Millions for a little dog food prank. Hell, we could have tried that one and a million dollar verdict would never have happened. No judge would ever have let it stand if it did.

Just checked Berger out; he will be practicing 11 years in December, hardly long enough to have experience in all phases of law, especially civil, which is 80% of what the LA City Attorney does.

Sorry, this is Nuch's turn.

November 25, 2008 7:31 AM  

Blogger Rumpole said:

Just wondering, Phil, are you Phil Krakover a former City Planning Official who founded Engineering Technology? That's a company that lobbies for developers and contractors isn't it? Does that explain your enthusiasm for getting Carmen Trutanich elected? Please explain

December 13, 2008 11:03 AM  

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