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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Missing Huizar Video?

Yesterday we posted a video shot by Zuma Dogg accompanied by his allegations that Council member Jose Huizar was using his apparently city provided BlackBerry to send personal email messages during a Council Meeting. According to Zuma Dogg, there was also an email message with the subject "Ramona Gardens," ostensibly referring to the troubled public housing development in the Councilman's district.

Following our story we received word that the Councilman "would like to talk with you." At press time, he had not yet called our office number. Interesting too that in the time that the Councilman has been in office he's never called to discuss a policy issue or current event in his district, nor ever responded to any of our inquiries.

Today, Mayor Sam readers report that the YouTube video of Huizar with his BlackBerry is no longer available. Indeed, if you click on the YouTube player in the original story, you receive an alert that the video is no longer available.

So the question is who took it down and why?

The point is not what's going on in the Councilman's personal life, if anything is going on at all. The key consideration is here is how our elected officials prioritize their use of time and city resources. And our interest is stepped up a notch with the removal of the video.

No wonder people in every part of the City are, well, uh, pissed. Things are getting worse and worse in the City and the perception is the elected officials frankly just don't care.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

ask zuma who took it down
i bet he knows

April 29, 2008 1:00 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Mayor Sam,

I told you I took the video and pictures down because I became uncomfortable letting it fly.

All the insiders saw it and it's on the radar...but like I said, although Huizar called me to let me know it was an uncomfortable situation for him (to summarize) -- but he never headed down any direction that he wanted me to take it down.

I don't think he figured that I would...BUT, after Weezy called...I became more uncomfortable with it...so I told him, at the end of an extensive and exahstive conversation -- and I explained my decision (didn't snap the shot by hopping the rope, or being somewhere I shouldn't be...I didn't follow him on his day off...I simply took the video, from the seat that I was already seated in...and I didn't even have to move my butt or stand up...AND, it was during a City Council meeting (public meeting/city business).

So once I felt that I made my point as to why there was nothing wrong with my post...

I DO feel bad for the guy (even though he makes people's lives miserable through his shady legislation -- and if I could have him dragged out of his council seat, I would...

But I wouldn't have been comfortable anymore once Huizar called.

And even after I told him, I'll take the thread down...his response was what I felt to be a good response saying something like, (paraphrase), I'm not trying to tell you what to do" -- or "You have the right..."

POINT IS: I don't think Huizar called to try and get me to take it down...but it was more of a call to let me know he was disappointed. (His way of complaining the way ZD complains to council...just wanted to vent his feelings.)

So that's it...I know some will still be skepticle...but I've spoken on the phone with several people about this who know I was nauseus over the whole post (but felt I had to do it for whatever reasons)...so take it at face value, y'all.

I wasn't gonna mention on the blogs that Huizar called about it...but the speculation and rumors ends up making everything worse.

April 29, 2008 1:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Forget You Tube, let's post the video here on this blog so we can see it.

April 29, 2008 1:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

big wow

April 29, 2008 1:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah, yeah, sure. How do we know this "alleged" video ever existed in the first place?

It's not like the blog owner here has any credibility to speak of -- not the same guy who vouched for the fact that a certain former partner-in-crime avatar had proof of Antonio's


That was back when the most important issue was making sure Jimmy Hahn didn't get re-elected, and the "savior" Tony V. took his place.

April 29, 2008 1:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

big wow

April 29, 2008 1:33 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma, you felt sorry for Huizar? Seriously?

This is all too weird.

April 29, 2008 1:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

More politics by itty-bitty "gotcha" moments - that's all the blogosphere is really good for, mini-embarrassments that do nothing to affect how well government performs in the end.

April 29, 2008 2:00 PM  

Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said:

Good afternoon Mayor sam (tips hat):

If Don Jose was uncomfortable with THIS situation, we can only imagine what REALLY makes him SQUIRM. And why would a minor indiscretion such as this cause Don Jose to be uncomfortable enough to make Zuma Dogg discomfitted to the point of nausea? Perhaps we should send a bottle of pink bismuth 'round to Mr. Dogg for we would not want him to suffer too greatly. With our compliments, savvy?

(Whispers) Madame Wu, you were there too. What say you?

April 29, 2008 2:18 PM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

Firefox now has a plug-in (and there are other products including online services) that allow you to download a YouTube video.

I would never have used that on ZD's video or even if I had downloaded it for my own personal use I wouldn't have posted anything other than a YouTube version as that would be stealing his intellectual property.

However I encourage each of you to install one of these tools as more and more important YouTube videos will often raise the ire of elected officials and could be taken down shortly after they first post. If you guys are downloading them at least the evidence is still out there if needed.

April 29, 2008 2:34 PM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

2:00 - if an elected isn't doing anything wrong, they have no reason to be afraid of a "gotcha."

Electeds should be held to a far higher standard than you or I.

How could they be otherwise.

And I'll repeat a question to Zuma Dogg that I asked myself. Why is it this issue Huizar wanted to talk about? How come he never called, posted, wrote, etc. about something important in his district (or city as a whole).

I think you guys know the answers, they don't want to argue their positions on the issues.

April 29, 2008 2:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This shows how immature and unprofessional Antonio's staffers are. Never should a person representing the "so called" mayor ever say anything this derrogatory to the media. Although Matt Szabo is an idiot and has shown his unprofessionalism many times before and his ignorance this doesn't surpise anyone.

32-Year City Veteran Urge’s Mayor’s Staff to “move beyond this childish rhetoric…”

LOS ANGELES – Senior Assistant City Attorney and Deputy Chief of the City Attorney’s Criminal and Special Litigation Branch Maureen Siegel – a 32-year veteran city prosecutor – today issued the following statement, on behalf of the City Attorney’s Office, in response to mayoral aide Matt Szabo’s reference to the City Attorney’s presentation to the City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee on the public safety impacts of the Mayor’s proposed budget as “…the Rocky Horror Show,” and “ridiculous” in today’s Daily News:

April 29, 2008 2:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma makes a sad commentary about Huizar while trying to make us feel sorry for him. Huizar doesn't give a crap about his constituents and doesn't take the time to give them the time of day. He turns a blind eye to Illegal vendors in his district, You won't see Huizar at a community meeting or event unless something is in it for him. This is a loser who made us taxpayers pay out $162,000 for a special event waiver where all the drunken illegals were out in force downtown. All the artists were Spanish and didn't speak English. So no Zuma we don't feel sorry for his ass and he deserves everything that goes his way.

April 29, 2008 2:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

2:00, zzzzzzzzzzz

April 29, 2008 3:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Gosh, it sounds like Zuma is all talk and no action. The minute one of these suits calls him, he turns to jello. What a star*&^()%ER!!

April 29, 2008 3:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey Mayor Sam that link you have to Ramona Gardens is bullshit. Those big Hazard gang members are the terrorists. The US postal workers, cable, UPS or anyone wanting to enter the housing projects have to get approval from the gang bangers. The residents are terrified if you cross them they will go after your family. Everyone will tell you the gang bangers run that place and the residents want them out of there. That's why thankfully in time the whole place is going to be demolished. This is the place the 2 teenage girls tried to rob a cab driver with the help of their boyfriend and its the same place the woman who shot and killed the girl off the 110 fwy in her SUV lived. But its in Huizar's district and he doesn't give a damn.

April 29, 2008 4:01 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'd be willing to bet that the Ramona Gardens e-mail was from a developer who plans to demolish the place and build multi-unit housing...and that Zuma Dogg knows someone from Ramona Gardens. I'd be willing to bet a lot. Why else wouldn't Huizar want Zuma to post the video clip!?

April 29, 2008 4:21 PM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

Pueblo Del Sol Norte.

April 29, 2008 4:40 PM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

CRA Meeting at Boyle Heights Senior
Center tonight 6:15 PM.

April 29, 2008 4:42 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

"...and that Zuma Dogg knows someone from Ramona Gardens. I'd be willing to bet a lot."

don't chase your tail around. the ramona gardens email was from henry c. and ZD does not know anyone from Ramona Gardens. weezy made NO mention of the ramona gardens part of the video.

so why would you bet a lot? you are wrong across the board?

April 29, 2008 4:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Higby you are obligated to tell us if Zuma got paid off or threatened to take off the video.

April 29, 2008 5:42 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

How about I take a polygraph test for everyone. You can read back my description of the event and test me on it. And ask me anything else.

He's not Madame Wu, is he? I only let ONE person listen in on all my calls!

April 29, 2008 6:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I call Madame Wu to testify.

April 29, 2008 6:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma, I have a small request if you would please pass it along to Huizar.

When they bring the wrecking ball to smash Ramona Gardens, can they make sure the gang members are inside the buildings before proceeding?

April 29, 2008 6:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma did you get paid?

April 29, 2008 6:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

For someone who calls other folks crybaby losers Zuma Dogg sure lost street cred by caving into Huizar.

April 29, 2008 6:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I suppose Zuma is entitiled to feeling a bit of compassion every now and then. And Huizar can't say that ZD didn't cut him some slack.

I never did see the video. Would someone recap what was on it?

April 29, 2008 7:19 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Yeah, I got paid. CD 14 wrote me a check for $850, which is the going rate to have ZD take down a thread that you don't like.

April 29, 2008 7:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hang onto that tape. You'll get a fortune for it when Huizar runs again. Can you imagine the opposition using that in an ad?

(Now if Mr. H. was smart, he'd hire you to be his official videographer, then send you on assignments wherever he isn't.)

April 29, 2008 9:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm really glad that Zuma Dogg put the video up. I'm also really glad that when Huizar made a courtesy call to Zuma, he took it down.

Good call Zuma and you're a class act no matter what these people say.

Henry sending emails to his boss isn't "personal business".

Huizar didn't demand that he take it off or threaten or anything.

Nobody knows who sent an I Luv You message, nor do they care.. except for his wife or kids. Do you think it's cool for that to be there for all of them to see when there is no definitive proof? If so, you're a bunch of assholes.. and the dumb bloggers should be Ass clowns of the Month.

So thank you Zuma for having a conscience.

These other fake know it alls are sickening..like.."ask zuma who took it down i bet he knows".

I bet he does know. Himself.

April 30, 2008 3:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma wimped out. He took down the video because a City Councilman felt "uncomfortable?" That's touching!

I thought that Zuma's act was all about making governmental officials feel uncomfortable. Making them accountable.

If that was a city phone, and Huizar was using it for personal purposes, he made a mistake and should apologize for it. We certainly pay him enough to afford a personal phone.

It appears that Zuma is OK slamming people as long as there is no private contact from them, but when they speak to him privately, he can't stand his ground. That's sad. I thought that Zuma was fearless.

April 30, 2008 10:31 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

C'mon Zuma tells us the truth. People are saying you got paid off to take it down cause you're too damn hard on clowncil when you speak out now you get all sensitive and feel sorry for a bastard who doesn't give a damn about his community? NO one believes that but nice try. We thank you anyway for those of us who got to see it. And pleassseee those e-mails WERE NOT TO THE WIFE

April 30, 2008 12:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma Dogg calls everyone else bitches and pussies. Now we know who the real pussy is. Thanks MS for standing your ground. Did Huizar ever call you? Did you tell him to take a hike?

April 30, 2008 12:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It's obvious Homeless Dave got paid. Not $850 but probably a $25 Starbucks card. Homeless Dave-always the winner.

April 30, 2008 12:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Alvin is willing to pay more for it !

April 30, 2008 1:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey sleazy alot of people have copy and paste that infromation on your afairs with women so you are done!!!!!! YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE!!!

like me!!!

April 30, 2008 1:22 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

"C'mon Zuma tells us the truth. People are saying you got paid off to take it down cause you're too damn hard on clowncil when you speak out now you get all sensitive...I thought that Zuma was fearless."

Zuma says...I didn't take it down out of fear. I was aware of any necessary fear when I posted it.

I can still be hard on council, but sensitive as well. Maybe that's why people trust me despite the barriers I provide. (Hat, glasses, southern hip-hop persona.)

I was different two years ago. The community has been "instant karma" and provides the feedback...and there is a certain energy I feel that kind of guides me on things like this.

And I have turned into much more of a pussy in certain ways. I WISH I felt good about letting the pictures and video fly. It's easy for all of you anonymous pussies to make your comments from your computer screen. Where were you? You didn't take the pictures. You don't say and do the things I have done.

And I assure you...if City Hall would have tried to pressure me to take it down...I'm sure I would have been much more defensive about keeping it up.

I actually hate when people try and scare me, or threaten, or try and push negative energy against me, cause then it wakes up the ZD...and that's a HUGE energy drain.

I wish fear tactics would work...cause then I would have gone away a long time ago...but unfortunatley...it only makes me angry and push back harder...

So if ZD took it down, it's cause he felt more comfortable taking it down, than keeping it up.

(Yeah, if Weezy didn't call, I would have kept it up. But maybe if people didn't complain about Las Villas the project would still be moving ahead.)

So that's why people do things like call to complain...to try and change something in the future.

And to the crybabies complaining...do everything I just did this past three weeks while sleeping in your van...THEN pop off at the mouth, pussy-ass-anonybitch.

And of course I was not offered money, no money was accepted...no type of exchange of anything, or any type of promise or deal or hint of a deal. And at no point in the conversation did he aks or even hint or suggest or move the conversation in the direction of taking it down.

DAMN IT...now you have me saying things that don't make Huizar sound bad.

I guess a bitter, empty, passive-aggressive, sidelined loser, sociopath like you can't understand any emotion but that of hostility, so of course you can't understand the distinctions that caused me to take it all down.

Maybe you should try finding Jesus, or something to fill your empty spirit.

April 30, 2008 2:37 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

April 30, 2008 1:22 PM

You didn't copy and paste sh*t, otherwise you would have already posted it.

I'll tell you what, bigshot...email me the images then...after all, I already have them, so you won't be spreading them prematurely.

April 30, 2008 2:39 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Beyond that...if anyone has anything to say, challenging my words on this...please make sure you have a polygraph ready to test me, first, because I stand behind everything I said, so if you are going to accuse me of anything else...please make sure you administer a polygraph or voice stress analysis test before you continue to accuse me of your hallucinations, pussy-ass-bitch.

April 30, 2008 2:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


April 30, 2008 4:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You ask why is he protecting. But if you have the pictures and have not posted them yourself then you are a protector as well. Why are you protecting this type of behavior?

April 30, 2008 4:33 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

this guy needs to be exposed!

April 30, 2008 4:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:




April 30, 2008 4:54 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

If it comes out in print, doesn't someone have to aks for my permission since I took the pictures? So how they gonna come out in print, y'all unless ZD sells them to the National Enquirer?

April 30, 2008 5:55 PM  

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