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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fabian Nunez' Excessive Spending: Is The REAL Shadiness In The CAMPAIGN SPENDING?

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From Zuma's Inbox (zumadogg@gmail.com) regarding a new angle to explore regarding Nunez' "Glamorous Life" and excessive spending.


Here's another scoop you can beat the LA times too...

The recent articles on Nunez's excessive spending was focused on personal items purchased with campaign monies.

They missed the REAL crimes in campaign spending.

Look at the Campaign spending reports of many of these electeds; look at the payments to campaign consultants: Hundreds of thousands of donated dollars being funneled into consultants for campaigns?

Nunez ran unopposed. How much campaign literature went out to his district...all he needed was ONE vote to win?!?!

Where did all these campaign dollars go? Not to mailers, not to robo-phone call banks? Did it go to extensive campaign research and polls???

Or did it go to personal friends under the shadow of campaign workers -- and campaign advisers?

Or were there kick backs from these so called campaign consultants?

For example, Gil Cedillo raised over $300,000 for his election -- and spent it mostly on consultants and gifts -- but ran NO CAMPAIGN. (He had a built-in 80/20 advantage by the way Sacramento stacked the deck in district boundary's.)

You need to keep up the pressure on this SHADY bunch.

FEATURED COMMENT: Ask the same question about the LAUSD race, the 1M trees, etc, etc, etc. I bet some politicians get a smaller bill for their (in theory) restricted campaign spending since the consultants got all this unrestricted spending money...
It is a brilliant way to launder contributions.



Anonymous Anonymous said:

Talk about puppets!!!

Is this what passes for an "investigation"?

October 30, 2007 1:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ask the same question about the LAUSD race, the 1M trees, etc, etc, etc.

I bet some politicians get a smaller bill for their (in theory) restricted campaign spending since the consultants got all this unrestricted spending money...

It is a brilliant way to launder contributions.

October 30, 2007 2:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

That's really interesting, and a waste of funds. Spending money on campaigning when you aren't running a campaign.

October 30, 2007 3:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Maybe faking spending on campaigning via payments to so called consultants and really laundering campaign donations back to friends, family, and other campaigns. I can't believe the LA Times looked into wine and dinner bills when there are hundreds of thousands being laundered through fictious campaigns that have NO opponents!

October 30, 2007 3:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It's curious to see how stupid minds all think, or don't think just lumber along, the same way. So candidates should raise no money and sit on their laurels, wait for a last-minute entry into the race and then scramble? The fact that a candidate has amassed a war chest is already a disincentive for a johnnie-come-lately to walk into the race with no plan, just seizing the vacuum that exists.

Anyone mounting a serious challenge knows to raise money to compete.

October 30, 2007 4:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

4:23 then what should they do when they run solo? Get contributions, do nothing until someone else runs. What if no one runs. What do you do with the money? Keep it? Return it? Must it be spent?

October 30, 2007 4:46 PM  

Blogger Stephen R. Maloney said:

Hi Mayor Sam: Hi, Lt. Col. William Russell of Johnstown, PA, is conducting a ferocious campaign with the goal of sending Cong. John Murtha into retirement. You can learn more about William and offer him your encouragement by visiting his web site at: http://williamrussellforcongress.com. I hope you and your readers will do everything you can to help this American soldier win. I've met William, and he's an outstanding invidivual. On 9/11, William and his wife were in the Pentagon when the terrorists struck. Also on 9/11, Rep. Murtha was in his "Murtha's Corner" in the House, cutting political deals. One of these gentlemen truly deserves to be in Congress, and it isn't John Murtha. Please visit William's site and offer your support to him. Ask the same of people on your e-mail list. Thanks for your help.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

P.S. I've written several pieces recently on Russell at: http://camp2008victorya.blogspot.com

October 30, 2007 5:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Where's Mirthala??

October 30, 2007 6:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Where's Mayor Sam?

October 30, 2007 6:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Why don't we post on this thread a list of the biggest money launderers?

But first some background on how to launder:

(1) Obvious launderers put their wives on the payroll. But they inevitably come under fire. You might as well tell a contributor, "Every dollar you give to my "re-election," helps fatten my community bank account." These obvious launderers are becoming increasingly rare.

(2) Next in line are those who put a relative on the payroll, but that relative is involved in politics in some way. It would all be kosher . . . BUT for the fact that these second-degree launderers DONT HAVE RACES on which they need consulting! So, they pay some political consultant relative to help them defeat John Q. Wacko. Get the Tide! It's laundering!

(3) The third kind, and hardest to detect, is paying off some non-related crony, sworn to secrecy, who then kicks back to you some money. Good luck detecting this kind! But at least they don't have the extreme hubris to flaunt it, Types 1 and 2.

Anyway, so the only local pol who is still a second-degree launderer -- TO THE TUNE OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE PAST DECADES -- is Howard Berman.

He employs his brother, a green-teethed, chain-smoking, seventies-living, washed-up hack, as a "political consultant." ALL DESPITE THE FACT BERMAN HAS NOT HAD A SERIOUS RACE FOR DECADES.

And we are not talking chump change here. Berman pays his brother serious dough each year. Berman has been in office for over 30 years. At $100k per year times 30 years, well, you do the math.

Howard Berman -- you're our money launderer of the year!

October 30, 2007 7:06 PM  

Anonymous ghost of ed crump said:

Yep, scrub-a-dub-dub, Howard!

"Plan your work, and work your plan."
-- Ed "Champ" Crump

October 30, 2007 9:33 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma write about this real problem, and not all of those "shady" dealings you can't prove. There are even more street vendors on 6th streets after these gang arrests. Mayor V. and Reyes clean up the streets of ugly street vending.

First the latino gang members are killing babies and robbing old lady vendors on the street. And now they are threatening the old ladies who want to testify against them in court for killing a baby.

The old ladies are definitely courageous and need to be protected and rewarded for their effort in prosecuting these animals.

These animals deserve a quick execution. The scary part is, that there are so many latino gang members who have this same sick mind.



Four Arrested Related to the Death of Infant
Los Angeles: Today the District Attorney announced the filing of murder charges in the death of a 23-day-old infant.

On September 15, 2007, shortly before 9:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to a shooting call in the 1800 block of West 6th Street. When the officers arrived, they found the lifeless body of a 23-day-old infant identified as Luis Garcia with a fatal gunshot to his chest. A second victim by the name of Francisco Clemente was also shot in the chest.

At the time of the shooting, Clemente was standing with his girlfriend selling items from his vendor business when a gunman walked up to him and shot him and the infant.

Several investigative teams from Robbery-Homicide Division and Rampart gang officers conducted numerous canvassing of the area, clue analysis, and countless follow-ups.

The investigation revealed that gang members had been targeting and extorting street vendors in the MacArthur Park area.

Detectives identified five suspects that were involved in this incident. One of the suspects, Luis Silva, was arrested and charged with multiple felony counts, including murder and attempted extortion. He remains in custody.

On October 24, 2007, Robbery -Homicide Detectives assisted by Metropolitan Division, 77th Street Gang Enforcement Detail and Operation South Bureau Gang Enforcement Detail served several search warrants in the City and one in the Palmdale area.

Four individuals were taken into custody and arrested on charges ranging from Murder, Attempted Murder, Extortion, Narcotics and Dissuading a Witness.

Luis Silva, aka "Clever" and Juan Pablo Murillo, aka "Face" were both charged by the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office with seven counts; one count of Murder, four counts of Attempted Murder, and two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Extortion. All are being held without bail.

Murrillo was also charged with five additional counts. One count of Dissuading a witness, one count of Sales of Cocaine Base, one count of Sales of Methamphetamine and one count of Possession of Cocaine for Sales.

Also charged were Cipriano Estrada, aka "Grumpy" and Stefani Brizuela, aka "Raven" with Dissuading a witness with a gang enhancement. Bail was set at $1,000,000.

Arrest warrants were issued for Giovanni Macedo, aka "Rusty", Juvenal Cardenas Mejia, aka "Atlas" and Guadalupe Torres Rangel, aka "Barrios" for the Murder, Attempted Murder, and Conspiracy to Commit Extortion.

October 30, 2007 9:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MEChA and its Imprint on California Politics

MEChA, which stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (Chicano Student Movement of Atzlan), is a student organization that was born in 1969 in California and has spread to college campuses all over the nation. One of their main stated aims is to assist young members of the Hispanic community in entering higher education, a worthy goal. Other aspects of its philosophy are more controversial and strike many as divisive in the extreme.

Rather than use my own or others' characterizations of MEChA's philosophy, let me quote from their national webpage (nationalmecha.org):

"MEChA is a student organization that promotes higher education, cultura and historia (culture and history) . MEChA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people. We believe that political involvement and education is the avenue for change in our society.

Each word in MEChA symbolizes a great concept in terms of la causa (the cause). Movimiento (Movement) means that the organization is dedicated to the movement to gain self determination for our people. Estudiantil (Student as adjective) identifies the organization as a student group for we are part of our Raza's (race's) future. At the heart of the name is the use of the identity: Chicano. At first seen as a negative word, now taken for a badge of honor. In adopting their new identity, the students committed themselves to return to the barrios, colonias (neighborhoods/districts), or campos (fields) and together, struggle against the forces that oppress our gente (people). Lastly, the affirmation that we are indigenous people to this land by placing our movement in Aztlan, the homeland of all peoples from Anahuak.

On campuses across Aztlan. MEChA and Mechistas are often the only groups on campus Raza and non-Raza (Race and non-Race) alike that seek to open the doors of higher education para nuestras comunidades (for our communities) and strive for a society free of imperialism, racism, sexism, and homophobia. An inspirational statement in El Plan Santa Barbara that speaks to these notes:

"MEChA must bring to the mind of every young Chicana and Chicano that the liberation of her/his people from prejudice and oppression is in her/his hands and this responsibility is greater than personal achievement and more meaningful than degrees, especially if they are earned at the expense of her/his identity and cultural integrity. MEChA, then, is more than a name; it is a spirit of unity, of sisterhood and brotherhood, and a resolve to undertake a struggle for liberation in a society where justice is but a word. MEChA is a means to an end" (El Plan de Santa Barbara).

* (Translations of Spanish words in parentheses are added by me).
The motto for MEChA is as follows: Por la Raza todo. Fuera de la Raza nada -For the race everything. (For those) outside of the race-nothing-Not exactly a motto designed to inspire confidence in MEChA's desire to promote harmony.
Aztlan is an Amer-Indian term referring to the present-day southwest area of the US. According to MEChA, this area is illegally occupied by the US. El Plan de Santa Barbara refers to the plan of action that was part of the 1969 beginnings of MEChA at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

As you can see, the language is right out of the 1960s, but still appears on MEChA's website today. Divisive? You make the call. Critics of MEChA claim that the organization still believes that the US southwest should revert back to Mexico and that MEChA is in fact, a racist organization that sets back efforts to assimilate recent Latin immigrants and promote harmony between ethnic groups. MEChA, of course denies the racism charges and stresses its present-day efforts to promote higher education among Hispanic youth. Of course, MEChA supports the cause of illegal aliens in the US.

One interesting sidelight is the prominance in California politics of many of MECha's former members. Many of the state's leading Democratic politicians belonged to the organization during their collegiate years. This has caused many critics to question the commitment of these figures to represent all of their constituents.

California's most visible former Mechista is LA Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, who was a MEChA ;eader while attending UCLA. After UCLA, he attended the "People's Law School", which Frontpage Magazine referred to as "a factory for the manufacture of radical leftist lawyers" (See Frontpage 9-10-2003/License to Kill by Lowell Ponte) Prior to becoming mayor, Villaraigosa was speaker of the lower house of the California legislature and later LA city councilman. Until the recent disclosure of the break-up of his marriage and affair with Telemundo reporter, Mirthala Salinas, Villaraigosa had attracted the most attention as mayor by openly supporting the city's massive illegal alien population, appearing at many of their marches and proclaiming on one occasion, "We clean your toilets!". Under Villaraigosa's stewardship, LA is one of several "sanctuary cities" around the US-that is- cities that will not cooperate with immigration authorities and will not allow their police to inquire about immigration status when they come into contact with suspects.

Until the recent love scandal broke, Villaraigosa had been considered a leading candidate to become governor-and then go on to national office.

In statewide politics, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez is probably the most prominent former Mechista. Nunez was previously the political director of the LA County Federation of Labor and later the head of government relations for LA Unified School District. As the Democratic Party's top legislator, Nunez has been a vocal supporter for the measure that would have allowed illegal aliens to obtain California drivers licenses. In the 1990s, he led protests against Proposition 187 passed by California voters that would have denied benefits to illegal aliens. In one protest in October 1994, which was organized by Nunez and his colleague, Juan Jose Gutierrez, protesters waved Mexican flags and displayed an American flag with 13 stars. Governor Wilson was called a "pig", and "Anglos" were called upon to go back to Europe. Nunez's opponents, to this day, consider him a "Reconquista" (one who favors the return of the southwest to Mexico.)

Cruz Bustamante, who served as Lt. Governor under the disasterous administration of Grey Davis, was also a MEChA member in the 1970s at Fresno State. When Davis was recalled by voters due to his gross ineptitude, Bustamante unsuccessfully ran to succeed him, losing to current governor, Arnold Schwartzenegger. A career political technocrat, who bounces from one position to another, Bustamante's campaigns have been controversial for campaign finance irregularities, i.e. diverting campaign funds into other causes, such as defeating Ward Connerly's Racial Privacy Initiative. Bustamante, not surprisingly, is a strong supporter of racial preferences. He did have one slip-up a couple of years back when, speaking before a group of African-Americans, he let slip the N-word, immediately offering profuse apologies. Did that end his political career? Hardly. He is, after all, a liberal Democrat. Those stories don't have legs, as they say in the news media.

State Senator Gil Cedillo, who represents East Los Angeles, was a MECha activist at UCLA in the 1970s. Like Villaraigosa, he followed UCLA by attending the aforementioned "People's Law School". Cedillo is derisively referred to by many as "One Bill Gil", a reference to his continuing promulgation of legislation that would give drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

Another former Mechista is Joe Baca, member of the US House of Representatives from the Inland Empire area around Riverside and San Bernadino (Rialto). Previously, he was a California state senator. Not long ago, he made headlines by referring to Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) as a "whore". This all evolved in connection with strife within the Latino Caucus in Congress as well as Sanchez's criticism of Baca's use of campaign funds.

One point I would like to make here is this: MEChA would deny that they are a racist organization. They would state that their main purpose is to facilitate and assist other young Hispanics in obtaining a higher education, as I said, a worthy goal. Yet, they should realize that many are troubled by the fiery rhetoric of their motto and the questionable language on their website. Also troubling is the langauge emenating from their founding in 1969 and the "Santa Barbara Plan". It implies that they are promoting separatism from mainstream American society. Let me quote further from their national website (nationalmecha.org):

"The Mexican-American (Hispanic) is a person who lacks respect for his/her cultural and ethnic heritage. Unsure of her/himself, she/he seeks assimilation as a way out of her/his 'degraded' social status. Consequently, she/he remains politically ineffective. In contrast, Chicanismo reflects self-respect and pride on one's ethnic and cutural background. Thus, the Chicana/o acts with confidence and with a range of alternatives in the political world. She/he is capable of developing an effective ideology through action" (El Plan de Santa Barbara).

Is this what MEChA still thinks today? Or is this just a slogan from the past? I would hope that the latter is the case.

Now for a little personal imput: I am not Mexican-American nor Hispanic. I am a 62 year old, white Anglo who grew up and went to school with Mexican-Americans in West Los Angeles. This term, Chicano, I recall well from my teenage years. It was a street word for Mexican-Americans- a term many Mexican-Americans still reject. Unfortunately, it became trendy in the universities during the 1960s, and today, some universitities still have what they call "Chicano Studies Departments". My wife is a (legal) Mexican immigrant who came to this country with her family about 40 years ago. I myself speak Spanish, and we have done everything we could to raise our children to speak Spanish and, while being Americans, not to ignore their Mexican heritage. But it comes down to this: While the Mexican influence has always been a part of the fabric of southern California and, indeed, the southwest, this is still the United States and the language that everyone needs to know is English. If there are voices in the Mexican-American community that encourage people to reject their American heritage, to not assimilate with other Americans-including other ethnic groups, then they are doing a huge disservice to their community. Whether we are succeeding or not, our goal should be to accept immigrants from wherever and encourage them to assimilate and become Americans. It should not matter whether their skin is white, black, yellow or brown-we are Americans. More than ever, we Americans need to stand together against the forces that wish to destroy all of us. The politics of ethnicity and the so-called community leaders who practice it are wrong. They are only dividing us all.

As to the above-mentioned political leaders, all of whom are Democrats, there is no record of any of them repudiating their past membership in MEChA nor any of the language that MEChA has used or still uses. They insist that in their political lives, they are representing all of their constituents, but none of them (that I am aware of) have publically stated that MEChA's language is intemporate or out of date.

As for MEChA, if your goal is to help other Hispanics obtain higher education, I am with you on that. If, on the other hand, your goal is to drive a wedge between Hispanics and other ethnic groups and further, to achieve some sort of "reconquista" of the southwestern United States back to Mexico, then you are dead wrong. You would not only be hurting our country, but your community even more so because you are creating an impediment to assimilation. Any Mexican-American family that wants to teach their children Spanish and about the Mexican culture is always free to do so, but that is a personal decision. This is the United States, and we are made up of many ethnic groups. Our task is to come together.

by Gary Fouse

October 31, 2007 12:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Nicely put, Gary.

Funny how on this blog by the old, dead Republican Mayor, he's turned the keys over to Zuma Dogg who brags about speaking for non- English speaking, unassimilated parents in East L A who are fighting the Mayor's help in reforming "his" low-performing cluster of schools, because the California Curriculum is "too white," irrelevant to their needs as Hispanics, and the Mayor has become too "oreo-cookie." I think Roosevelt is one of these schools.

Seems the biggest danger is when really stupid whites are pulled down into the rhetoric of "we just want to educate our kids" and used, without being aware, of promoting the Mecha and separatist agenda.

What you say has direct application to the current school battles, but ironically, it seems the Mayor is on the other side, or at least, not on the Mecha side -- except enough to get their votes, maybe. Maybe, it takes a former Mecha to understand what they're really upto and try to assimilate them.

(Don't know about Cedillo and Nunez, though, who've been said to be fighting charter schools and local parental control because they're in favor of teacher union control. Are they pro-separatism, or just for opportunism?)

October 31, 2007 1:05 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Nunez is a friend of The Midget Mexican Mechista Mayor, ergo, he is BAD.

October 31, 2007 7:29 AM  

Anonymous JackH said:

For more on reconquista menace Fabian Nunez, go to www.ccir.net, find Nunez "A Blast From the Past", watch short video.

October 31, 2007 9:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Gary, have you done this type of research for B'Nai B'rith or HIllel or the Nation of Islam or any one of countless WASP fraternities and sororities.

These are college kids, let them dream. If anything, it is good that this is an organizaton buffered by the trials and tribulations of college life.

What are you afraid of? Just like some Orthodox Jews believe, Israel, like Aztlan, should only exist as a state of mind.

October 31, 2007 9:56 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

9:56: Last I heard, the Orthodox Jews weren't trying to turn So Cal and the whole West, for that matter, into their "ancient homeland" or Aztlan. The Mechas ARE -- that means they're trying and working to take over our city, our state and the west for their fictitious, imaginary, never really existed, "homeland."

Maybe the Orthodox have taken over a few neighborhoods (as have the Thais, Koreans, Armenians, Japanese blacks and so on), but the Hispanics already have half the city -- you can't go east of Hollywood or Van Nuys in the Valley and feel like you're even in America any more.

"Dream on" back in Mexico but, if you want to come here, you people have seized more than your share of tribal lands already. And that includes ILLEGALS not people who've been here legally for decades and support your people in the schools, hospitals, with every type of public services by paying more than their share of taxes.

Funny how the Jews are just about the only white group who have reached a helping hand out to the Mexicans, yet you bite that hand.

As for the Muslims -- since when have they been trying to take over our publicly funded school system as "too gringo" and "irrelevant," as the Mechas say about the entire California State Curriculum. One of the reasons they look down on Villar, who's not "La Raza" enough.

Get real.

October 31, 2007 11:12 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


In 1823 the Spanish Flag was replaced by that of the Mexican Republic. On the eve of the American take-over the aboriginal population of approximately 310,000 had been reduced to about 150,000 BY the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT. This gut wrenching 50% decline had occurred in just 77 years What came next was worse still.
The Federal government promised to reserve 7,466,000 acres of land to the dispossessed Indians,
Congress relented and passed the Jurisdictional Act of 1928. This legislation allowed the Indians to sue the federal government and use the state Attorney general's office to represent them. Lacking control of their legal representative a controversial settlement was finally achieved in 1944. $17,053,941.98 was offered for the failure of the government to deliver the 18 reservations promised in treaty negotiations of 1851-2. After an-other long battle, little more than 5 million dollars were finally distributed on a per-capita basis to 36,095 California Indians in 1951. A paltry $150. was distributed to surviving Indians.
Meanwhile, Congress had created a commission to validate land tittles in California. The commission was required by law to both inform the Indians that it would be necessary to file claims for their lands and report upon the nature of these claims. Because no one bothered to inform the Indians of these requirements, no claims were submitted. Through this neat trick, the federal government "legally" avoided the normally lengthy and duplicitous negotiations over land sessions.

By August of 1951, twenty-three separate petitions had been filed by attorneys on behalf of tribes in California. After 20 years of tortuous maneuvering all separate claims were consolidated into a single case. A compromise settlement of $29,100,000 was offered for 64,425,000 acres of acres of tribal territory. After deduction of attorney's fees ($12,609,000) and the addition of interest and about half a million left over from the first settlement the payment worked out to an offer of 47 cents per acre! The purchase of public domain lands in California in 1850 was never less than $1.50 per acre.

Why do the Mexicans think they have a claim to anything?

October 31, 2007 12:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

12:28: You're right about that. Just go to the Chumash Indian Center in Thousand Oaks or any of the other tribal centers in So Cal, and they'll tell you just how angry they are that the Mexicans claim to be the original natives and lay claim to the land.

Indians inhabited not only the SW of the US, but all the way to the NE and south, the great mounds outside Atlanta, literally everywhere. The Spanish made them build their mission churches and convert to Catholicism or be treated like slaves forever.

Then the Mexicans (dominated by their own Spanish conquistadores) came and claimed the land for Mexico. None of these people did a damn thing for the Indians, or for the west as a whole. Just created some huge fincas/ estates for their wealthy, white-skinned overlords.

Any notions of Aztlan stem from a desire to supplant this hierarchy, and are totally an implantation of a fantasy of Mexico and Guatemala, onto the American Southwest --
which they never inhabited before.

To even claim that Aztlan is based on REConquista is totally false -- it's a fantasy of what never was.

Even Antonio and some of the others acknowledged that the Indians are the REAL native Americans at City Hall last week -- they had all those Indians dancing, to celebrate American Indian month.

Anyone who wants to put Aztlan to rest, can just repost these items.

October 31, 2007 4:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Let's put Zuma to rest instead.

October 31, 2007 8:48 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Si, porque no? Andale, Andale, perro

No nos gustamos, vayas con diablo -- hasta la dia de las muertes...YUY

October 31, 2007 11:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

October 31, 2007 1:05 AM

Visit these two links for items listed below: http://dist22.casen.govoffice.com/index.asp?Type=B_PR&SEC=%7B618F8B21-E3F2-436F-AD33-4F47062FA1BD%7D

California DREAM Act

SB 1 has been vetoed by the Governor

The California Dream Act, SB 1 (Cedillo) allows U.S. citizen and undocumented AB 540 students to apply for community college fee waivers and eligible for the Cal Grant which can be applied at California colleges and universities. However, SB 1 specifically excludes students from the Competative Cal Grant Program.


California Assembly And Senate Pass Illegal Alien Drivers License Bill (SB-60), Arnold To Veto

“Democrat Gil Cedillo has once again pushed this bill. I've lost count of how many times he's put it up. About 70% of California voters are against illegal alien drivers licenses, but it keeps being brought up by Gil Cedillo, open borders proponents and those who wish to legitimize those here illegally. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's deputy chief of staff has stated that the Governor will once again veto the bill. He did so in September 2004 and stated in February 2005 that he would do so again.

Why do the voters stand for their representatives continually undermining their choice? Vote them out already!”

October 31, 2007 11:35 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"One Bill Gil"?

The laughingstock of the legislature?

A waste of a Senate seat.

No one talks to him or cares what he says or does.

He's got his seat and his retirement.

Let's move on...

(P.S. The Midget Mexican Mechista Mayor gave him that seat)

November 01, 2007 3:00 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Cedillo's had influence in Bell Gardens and Huntington Park, anyway. See Nov. first L A Times, they're letting illegals without a license reclaim their cars same day, no fee. Worried it was too much a hardship, since how can they get around?

That was the idea: if they have NO license, NO drive.

Now they can go back to driving their bumper cars. What about the people they hit, with no license or insurance?

Maywood is following suit. Aren't these the same towns with the most crooked pols, in the whole state?

November 01, 2007 9:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Cedillo has another bill he's pushing with the help of Alarcon and heads of Mexican and Latin American countries:

For the U S to give free healthcare to ALL Hispanics in the Western Hemisphere who show up here, EXPLICTLY WITHOUT REGARD FOR THEIR IMMIGRATION STATUS.

Claim this is a humanitarian effort.

What about being humanitarian to the taxpayers of America who don't want to pay for the illegals who show up here from the bottom levels of their societies?

If Cedillo, Alatore and the other Mexicans want to force gringos to pay for their indigent, they should come up with a plan for the Latin American countries they come from to promise to pay their healthcare.

November 01, 2007 9:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Cedillo can put in a bill that says anything; getting it through both houses and signed by the Governor is a another story.

One Bill Gil can't get arrested. All he does is harass others trying to get their bills through, as a result he gets nothing for his constituents, which is good news for the rest of us.

Actually, he's a bigger loser than ZD. Hard to imagine, but it's true. Five fathoms lower than whaleshit.

November 02, 2007 1:20 AM  

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