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Sunday, May 22, 2005

David Hernandez for County Supervisor

In March of 2006, in the statewide primary, voters in the 3rd Los Angeles County Supervisoral District will go to the polls to choose their represenative at the county level.

I am urging local activist, businessman and community leader David R. Hernandez from North Hollywood to run against the current County Supervisor, Zev Yarovslasky.

David has run for office previously, twice for the Congressional seat held by Howard Berman and for the Mayor of the San Fernando Valley in the secession campaign.

David has become prominent as of late as the leader of the "Save the County Seal" movement in which Yarovslasky buckled under to ACLU pressure to remove a tiny cross that was long a part of the seal of the County of Los Angeles.

What has Zev accomplished? The County is a mess with its hospitals in disarray, massive overspending and a lack of solutions to problems such as transportation and illegal immigration.

Its time for a change. Zev has been in office for decades. This can never be good.

With the possibility of a referendum to put the cross back on the seal along with Zev's re-election, its an excellent time to have a true leader like David on the ballot.

To be sure, David will have an uphill climb, but with the proper organization starting now, he can stage an upset.

David - your county needs you!


Anonymous Anonymous said:


May 22, 2005 2:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I like David because he's a super nice guy and he has a lot of passion. He's also very smart and involved. I would hope people in the valley would help him.

Mayor Sam (Dan Shallman)I've noticed that you've lost a lot of traffic on your blog. I guess they got tired of all the negative articles you kept posting. I thought it was beyond low for you to repeatedly attack Hahn and his staff after the election. Like pouring salt in a wound. It goes to show how mean spirited a person and immature person you really are. I'm sure your brother John would agree

May 22, 2005 4:50 PM  

Blogger Westsider said:

Who ever posted "Dan Shallman" is Mayor Sam, don't be surprised if his attorney contacts you.

David would make a great elected official, but he needs to separate himself from the Boyds otherwise he could become "collateral damage."

May 22, 2005 5:32 PM  

Blogger Republican for AV said:

If Hernandez is anywhere near connected to the Boyds, in the immortal words of Daryl F. Zanuck, "INCLUDE ME OUT".

When they give back the tainted $30,685.00 or, better yet, donate it to the California Republican Party, AND both RESIGN from any and all Republican offices, then I wlll consider lifting my boycott.

This will spread, I promise you all.

The Boyds have used their offices for personal gain; I call that a huge No No.

Prove me wrong...

May 22, 2005 5:45 PM  

Blogger Republican for AV said:


To the morons who do not believe I am a card carrying Republican Part member and a former member of the Executive Committee of the California Republican Party, stick around.

In a few weeks, I will changge my call sign and reveal my true name.

Will you have the guts to do the same?

May 22, 2005 5:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Is that a threat "Westsider?" Word going around the city is that Dan is owner of this website. What is the attorney going to do SUE me for guessing?

May 22, 2005 5:53 PM  

Blogger Westsider said:

If you guess someone's blog identity, you should pose it as a question. It saves on embarrassment for all parties concerned.

May 22, 2005 6:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Looks like you down to two or three regular posters and the occasional anon, Mayor Sam.

Enjoy the obscurity. This place is nearly as deserted as LAVoice.

What's a county supervisor anyway and what have they done lately for me as a city resident? Oh yeah, that thing about the seal and the cross (liek I ever cared or noticed!)

May 23, 2005 5:07 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don't give a shit, Fake Gop dude.

You could be Obiwan Knabbe. Just don't even care who you are.

You rooted for a rabid socialist. Eat my Republican shorts.

May 23, 2005 5:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ADV won. Did anyone mention it today?

Get over him -- expecially now that the one-night-stander has made the cover of Newsweek. Now there will be rioting in the streets of Miami and he's OUT OF HERE.

I feel a "draft" if that Sacramento calling? He'll be "compelled" again. Hi supporters in L.A. will "want" him to try and knock off the big Arnold.

May 23, 2005 5:09 AM  

Blogger Republican for AV said:

Antonio is smart enough to know that he has to make it work in LA or it is over for him. Nothing else soon.

I am upset at the Boyds, not for supporting Hahn, but for using Republican organizations to do so, without the polling of their members. It is exacerbated by the fact that they took money for doing it, $30,686.00.

The previous poster is upset because i supported a Democrat; that's all there was in this race, remember? By the way, I supported a guy who will do it without a bunch of corrupt commissioners running the city while he sleeps in San Pedro.

I have dealt with these folks and I can tell you, they were arrogant and uncontrolled. McOsker and Hahn ran nothing from their bunker.

You know nothing about which you speak. Go join the CD 14ers and get the messsage:


Get over it.

May 23, 2005 5:50 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Antonio has his hands full out of the gate.
L.A.'s new mayor will face a host of tough issues....Elected by supporters with widely different views, Villaraigosa must find ways to forge agreement. By David Zahniser

Who will govern LAUSD?

Villaraigosa promised to give City Hall "ultimate control" over the Los Angeles Unified School District -- a sprawling bureaucracy that operates 810 schools and covers 26 cities, including Carson, Gardena, Lomita and Los Angeles. UTLA President A.J. Duffy argued last month that power over schools should remain with the school board. "No matter what you may think of the school board, there is an ultimate arbiter of whether they're doing a good job or not, and that's the voters," he said.

Housing debate could turn fierce: Villaraigosa said he supported the concept of "inclusionary zoning" -- He received financial support from a wide range of development firms, said he will not back the affordable housing initiative unless builders are left financially unharmed. To achieve that goal, developers would likely receive new incentives -- such as permission to make their projects larger than current zoning rules allow. Homeowner groups warning that they will fight any effort to give developers special favors. "It could be a disaster," said Villaraigosa supporter Richard Close, "We're trying to control development, control the size of projects."

Tax option for new police officers

Villaraigosa promised early in the campaign to add 1,600 officers to the Los Angeles Police Department, saying he hoped to find the money within the existing city budget. Villaraigosa also said he would push for a June 2006, countywide, half-cent sales tax hike -- what he called a "new revenue stream" -- if the city could not afford to reach his goal. But some on the county Board of Supervisors -- which wields the power over whether such a tax would reach the ballot -- are resistant to such a plan. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, who endorsed Villaraigosa two weeks ago, said the booming real estate market and the resulting surge in property tax revenue have made it possible for local governments to fund public safety without needing another tax hike.

Villaraigosa on Friday, when the Federal Aviation Administration gave its approval to Mayor James Hahn's $11 billion airport modernization plan. Union members…..saw the LAX project as a way to bring 49,000 jobs to the region over the next decade. Living-wage advocates also backed the plan, since it was accompanied by a $500 million "community benefits" package that included soundproofing for schools in Inglewood and Lennox.

He still opposes part of LAX plan: Villaraigosa continues to oppose the controversial "yellow-light" projects of the LAX plan, including a proposed passenger check-in facility east of the airport.

May 23, 2005 8:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I almost threw up when I read the Newsweek story on Antonio. Talk about puff piece bias they never mention a word about ADV being a city councilmember.


May 23, 2005 8:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

he,adv continues to get slack from the media. he fooled them once, twice and now three times. We just kick it and allow it to happen! Enjoy the show!

May 23, 2005 9:31 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What does Antonio or Dan Shallman have to do with David Hernandez.

When President Reagan died, David led the SFV memorial service at the Little Brown Church in the valley, the very same church where President Reagan and Nancy were married back in the 40s. They had even found the church register signed by the President, Nancy and William Holden as the best man.

Very moving service. David is a good man.

May 23, 2005 9:36 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just a question, Westsider:

Who would Dan Shallman's attorney sue?

Anonymous? He'd have to either get permission to secure the IP address or get a court to demand BLOGGER.COM release it. Probably won't happen.

May 23, 2005 9:48 AM  

Anonymous 3rdFloorGuy said:

Dan Shallman is not Mayor Sam.

I know Mayor Sam.

I've worked with Mayor Sam.

Mayor Sam is no Dan Shallman.

May 23, 2005 9:59 AM  

Blogger Westsider said:

I threw the comment out there about the attorney contacting the anonymous guesser of Mayor Sam in reference to another poster who had threatened similar action.

No worries, mate!

May 23, 2005 10:01 AM  

Anonymous 3rdFloorGuy said:

By the way as of 7.1.05 I have a new position, so i will have to come up with a new name.

May 23, 2005 10:03 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor Sam is Dan Shallman.

Dan Shallman is knowlegeable and engaged in politics, but, as a federal prosecutor, he has to stay anonymous if he comments on current events.

Back on February 15, Mayor Sam published an internal e-mail from the Hahn campaign previewing an attack against Hertzberg. This came when Dan Shallman's brother John was running Hertzberg's campaign and the e-mail helped show John Shallman's position that Hahn was going to play dirty.

May 23, 2005 2:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zev is an asshole to be sure but I'm still voting for him, at least in the general.

May 23, 2005 4:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

There won't be a general; Zev will win in the primary...

May 23, 2005 4:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor Sam could not be Shallman. No way. He's a Fed. Not that they're above such shenanigans, but there would be too huge a risk of tainting the city hall investigation by trashing Hahn in an anony-blog.

Rumor has it Shallman is running for the 42nd AD, so you never know. Could be a clever PR stunt...

May 23, 2005 7:12 PM  

Blogger Westsider said:

Somebody was typing that the level of posting on this blog had fallen off....

May 23, 2005 11:03 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor Sam is Manny Figueras.

May 24, 2005 8:58 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If Shallman is running for the 42nd AD, doing an anonymous Mayor Sam blog isn't a very good publicity stunt.

May 24, 2005 12:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It's not him. Instead, think glib former Padilla staffer ...

May 24, 2005 6:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

election is in june not march

May 30, 2005 1:04 AM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

I guess we now know Mayor Sam is not Dan Shallman, ehh?

September 29, 2005 3:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

David Hernandez is the perfect candidate to run in a perfect no win situation. He ran against a no win situation against Berman and now against Zev. An official Republican voter guide being mailed this week urges Reps to vote for Zev.

Any man who uses the campaign slogan "Our common welfare should come first" is both a plagarist (this comes from AA's book) and boringly unoriginal.

William Jennings Bryant and Bob Dole were perrenial losers too, but they actually held an office at one time or another!

Please run for Dog Catcher or some office you may have a chance to win!

May 19, 2006 8:34 AM  

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