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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

What If They Gave A Debate And No One Watched?

debateThere was apparently some miscommunication as many of us thought that both Channel 7 and Channel 36 were airing last night's Mayoral Debate hosted by an environmental group. They must not have been willing to pop for the microwave time cause apparently the two stations only taped the debate for later broadcast.

However, LA Voice's intrepid Mack Reed burned the midnight oil blogging a late night delayed broadcast of the gabfest. After 90 minutes of drama, Reed was unable to declare a winner.

Rather than re-hash it here, go directly to the debate blog and then come back and tell us what you think. Reed also lists the future rebroadcast of the debate on both Channel 7 and Channel 36 (which airs on both cable and internet).

(photo from LA Observed)


Blogger Mack said:

Mayor Sam, all:

Just a request - Feel free to pull images from LAVoice any time (with proper credit), but do me a favor, and don't link directly to the image at my server. I've got increasing bandwidth problems that are forcing me to pay higher fees to my provider. I hope you can empathize with that.


December 22, 2004 9:12 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anyone who was there or saw bits of the debate on Channel 36 knows Parks won. And, it wasn't even close! There are a lot of people, including me, who were surprised to witness how much he knew about the environment.

December 22, 2004 10:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


I thought Parks improved as well, the Parks i saw last night is the parks i thought we'd see during the first mayoral debate.

Overall i thought each candidate improved, and i don't think hahn did too shabby. (can you believe i said something decent about this guy -wow).

December 22, 2004 10:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The problem with Hahn is nobody knows when he's telling the truth. Every time he tried to take credit for something last night, one of his opponents would very skillfully and believably say that he had nothing to do with it. Also, when he gets attacked on something that is obviously true, he decides not to answer it. This is the second debate in a row that Parks brought up his MTA absences, and he has yet to respond. In fact, his office said they won't respond to this question. Did he really miss that many meetings?

December 22, 2004 11:00 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Parks and Alarcon showed up to the party last night. Hertzberg came off way too strong and eager to rip Hahn apart. I was unimpressed by his performance despite the fact that I once had strong feelings about his campaign. He doesn't look like a candidate for mayor anymore. Hahn did a good job defending himself. Of course, that's all he good do all night. Villaraigosa came out strong with the attacks. He had the momentum when it came to the attacks on Hahn. I wish these guys talked more about the environment especially Sunshine Canyon Landfill in the Valley. Hertzberg and Hahn would lose that debate.

December 22, 2004 11:02 AM  

Blogger Mack said:

Thanks for the fast response in pulling the image call, folks. As I say, you should feel free to host it on your own server.

December 22, 2004 11:36 AM  

Blogger Schadelmann said:

I wasn't super impressed by the debate as a whole...I find it hard to see how you can have a productive discussion on any big issues in 60 seconds.

Everyone seems to think that with all his problems Mr. Hahn is going to roll over and play dead for Messrs. Hertzberg, et al. He isn't. Never underestimate a career politician who wants to keep his job, and what he'll do to keep it. He'll do ANYTHING, and it can work.

For the challengers, they need to be talking more about what they'll do vs. why Mayor H sucks. If it's all a bunch of folks pissing on the Mayor, no one will stand out.


December 22, 2004 12:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Well the Debate was an exciting event to be present at, here are the point's I noticed. Alarcon and Parks tied... Alarcon is turning out as a stronger force then expected and parks just impressed everyone...Hahn would have to get 3rd place...he seemed more awake then the 1st debate yet he still lacked that edge that Alarcon had...Hertzberg seemed out of place and did not add anything to the debate...Antonio seemed lost and confused. Poor guy, he did the worst..he needs help..I thought he would be Hanh challange but that seems to be shifting...not only did antonio answered wrong to a particular question..he just read the answers and then opted out of answering from the follow up. He lost my vote...I guess Alarcon might be the true underdog!

December 22, 2004 9:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Having listened initially on the radio and just watching the television this morning, Hahn definitely won (and I am not voting for him). As Hayden said, he wins by not losing. Parks elevated, but only as a better attack dog. He is articulate, but he next needs to become first-tier by not just going after Hahn but by really laying out a vision. Alarcon continues to understand challenger campaigns best and compels me to vote for him. Antonio was better, but he is not smiling and not being the positive force he was last time. Hertzberg was better, his suit was darker, but he comes across as full of too much nervous energy and ready to pop whenever he speaks. He needs to calm..down..and..slow..down. Be relaxed, be more statesmanlike. And don't look down when you finish. They were all better, but Hahn's still in the lead. If enough people watched, Alarcon would be chipping into Villaraigosa's lead, but not many people watch this crap, except all of us.

December 26, 2004 3:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Did we watch the same debate ? Parks was surprisingly good and elevated himself from the last debate. Alarcon was again superb.....maybe he really does have the stuff ? Hertzberg was better and Antonio is taking a different approach this time. Hard lined and ZERO...tolerance for the Mayor. Hahn was milk toast as usual, got a bit HOT again, which doesn't wear well on him....looks angry and disingenuous. He didn't do particularly well in this debate. Didn't kill himself....but is beginning to lose it. How anyone can say he did the best in the debate is beyond me !!!

December 27, 2004 10:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Last person is a litte too emotionally charged against Hahn to think he able to give impartial analysis. Remember, it is the body language as much as anything else. Hahn does get hot now and again (this doesn't necessarily hurt him, but he has to be strategic with it), but he does seem the most relaxed. Antonio is still pretty uptight-seeming (and I want him to win), Hertzberg still seems phony, Parks is getting warmer and more comfortable, and Alarcon is a strong attacker, whereas Hahn does seem somewhere between mayoral (for the non-insider--and I asked eight people who do not follow the papers) and a decent guy. Sorry to say it, and I hope he chokes, but true.

December 28, 2004 12:17 AM  

Blogger Thomas said:

The real question is what if they gave a debate and no one blogged?

December 30, 2004 7:30 PM  

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