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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Candidates Spin Mostly Weak Webs

The LA Downtown News had two experts look at the websites created by the five Mayoral contenders and concluded that Bob Hertzberg's content rich and high octane site was the best, though gave the site few points for aesthetics. They noted that Hertzberg is the only candidate who offers a Spanish translation of his site. Richard Alarcon's site is pretty but features probably unnecessary bells and whistles and is light on content. Bernard Parks design is called flat. Antonio Villaraigosa's site contains "outdated and uncompleted elements."

Hahn SiteMayor Hahn's still unbuilt site baffles the consultants. The experts say that Hahn is "squandering an opportunity to both trumpet his accomplishments and rally his supporters." The lack of a Hahn site led them to feel that the Mayor either "doesn't understand" or "doesn't care about" the value of reaching out to voters via his website.

And yes, the Downtown News and their panel of experts failed to review the website of also ran Walter Moore, so we'll do it here. Moore's site has the basic information needed, but is amateurish at best. His photo on the front page is not the greatest (a far more flattering photo of Moore appears on the "Why Moore Will Win" page. Its obvious Moore's site is a home built job, but couldn't have Walter at least used a Front Page template? That would lend had some flair to the site and show he was serious. Since Walter's loaned himself $100,000 for his campaign, perhaps he could drop a couple of grand to get at least somewhat of a decent site.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

The rest of 'em (including other citywide races and council races)

Dr. Addie Mae Miller-- http://www.draddiemiller.com/ -- clearly the most visited site (over 900,000 hits, though this seems a bit optimistic).

Billy Wyatt-- http://www.billywyatt.com/--best blog with brightest ideas, best and most bizarre (and only) virtual press briefing (you gotta check this out: http://billywyatt.com/id7.html )

Ted Crisell, who qualified for mayor, ran for Congress in Orange County (http://www.smartvoter.org/2000/11/07/ca/state/vote/crisell_t/)

Rocky Delgadillo-- www.rockydelgadillo.com --good, solid site.

Mervin Evans-- http://evans2005.org/ --Says that Chick is a "wonderful person" but "her leadership of our city's fiscal affairs is doubtful." Also proposes a 25-cent beer tax for more police officers. Dunno about that--*(hiccup)*

Stephen Sarinana-Lampson-- http://www.stephen2005.com/ --Must have fired Jim Hahn's webmaster.

Greg Martayan-- http://www.joingreg.com/ --the most extensive site of all. Even Jack Weiss seems to like his own opponent (http://www.joingreg.com/quotes/commission.htm)

Edward Reyes (not Ed Reyes, but Ed may be miffed not to grab this web address-- http://www.reyes2005.com/ ) Can this marine give Jan Perry a run for her money? (probably not)

Peter Torres-- http://www.petertorres.org/ -- coming soon apparently

Flora Gil Krisiloff-- http://www.florakrisiloff.com/ --nice site, from the same folks who brought you the Deron Williams for City Council web site. Let's hope they do better this time...

Bill Rosendahl-- www.billrosendahl.og --solid as well.

Eric Garcetti-- http://www.ericgarcetti.org/ --nicely designed. Only incumbent councilmember with campaign site (Rocky and Hahn only other incumbents with sites, if Hahn's counts as a site)

December 20, 2004 8:58 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

As I mentioned on the LAVoice site, although political web sites are a valuable resource to potential voters, they (websites) do not win campaigns. Money would be better spent on running stronger field campaigns. We should all take a lesson from the 2004 Primary Election, where we all heard of Dean's stong e-campaign. The sure way to get your message out is to knock on every door you can...that has proven itself to be an effective way of winning elections.

December 20, 2004 1:38 PM  

Blogger Mack said:

Hey, folks?

If you're going to steal an image (and bandwidth) directly from my server via link, at least have the courtesy to credit the source of the image ...

December 20, 2004 11:38 PM  

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