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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Railroad Racism?

RedlineThe Daily News reports that Tom La Bonge's plan to extend the Red Line subway up through Wilshire Blvd. to the Westside is meeting charges of racism because the heavily Latino Eastside is getting light rail instead of subway. The LA Times also covered the story here.

We've heard this crap before from wackos like the Bus Riders Union who go even further to claim that all rail is racist and that minorities only like to ride buses.

Apparently none of these people have been on a train either here in LA or any other metorpolitan area.

So what do you call the San Fernando Valley Busway? Racist? Elitist? Homophobic? Or just plain dumb?


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just a minute while I stop laughing....ok Molina is an idiot. She's the last person to be saying anything about racism. She hasn't done jack all to help her constiuents on the EAstside except hide $309 MILLION dollars, give millions of tax payer money to HER special interest projects, allowed King/Drew to go down the toliet, that's in a poverty area I might add, and now she has the nerve to say racism? Shut up and resign Molina. You nothing but a waste of space with your other board members. They represent no one but themselves. They are shameful and and embarrassement to this county

December 14, 2004 2:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I would like to address Supervisor Molina's comments in a more sane way then that of the last poster. It is difficult however, because of the indignity and disrespect that her commments bring to the office she holds and the people she serves. But let's try, anyway.

First, Ms. Molina, you should be ashamed of yourself in even hinting that someone like Councilman Tom L. , who has over the years shown himself to care for not just his small part of the City and County but all of Los Angeles is injecting racism into this issue. In fact, you are the one who injected racism into this issue and to every other issue where it arrises. Are you the racist pot(no humor intented with respect to your size) that is calling the kettle black(or Latino).

Second, Ms. Molina, as I recall, it is you who insists often on making certain that only Latinos are received well by your office or your constituency and not others of other ethnic diversity. So, you want to start calling racist....look in your mirrors before you start doing so.

Third, Ms. Molina, lets not accuse good and honorable people of misdoings. Do I remember a personal issue of your swimming pool coming up, conflicts with your husband and his political interests and business interests and your county interests being raised in the past?

Ms. Molina. Show the same respect and tolerance for others that they have shown to you in the past, even when not deserved.

You may not agree with the postions that others take and certainly should say so when that occurs. However, it is your responsibility as an elected official to handle yourself with dignity, professionalism and respect. When you are able to meet those standards then and only then may you, MAYBE, even think to call others names that otherwise should be attributable to YOU !!!

December 14, 2004 3:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I hope this gets read. The Orange Busway is a baby step in the right direction, and woefully inadequate! LA is potentially the greatest city on the Pacific Rim and seriously lacks transportation. Busways are stupid. We need subways and overhead transit ways more than anything. We can't build new roads or freeways.

December 15, 2004 10:07 AM  

Blogger leftside said:

It is too easy to take an isolated quote from a right-wing newspaper and use it to back your own racist agenda. Molina is doing what she is supposed to do - sticking up for her constituency. Yes, she has a duty to the entire City - but raising tough questions that East LAers want answered is not a bad thing...

And to say that the Bus Riders Union is "wacko" and say that they support such ludacris claims is more than a little irresponsible. The Bus Riders movement is truly heroic for what they have achieved for the workers of this City. I, and thousands others, have them to thank that I can find a seat on my bus line.

Everyone wants better transit. Folks on the West Side need a quick way to get to the East - and vice versa. But a little caution and continued spotlight on the bus system is nothing to disparage, particulrarly after the Red Line debacle nearly bankrupt the MTA. And considering the vast majority of people who use transport take the bus, this should remain a priority.

As for the above-ground versus subway debate, there is a point to be made here. I wouldn't call is racism, but more of a result of capitalism... where high land on the west make subway the only option (and vice versa).

December 15, 2004 4:46 PM  

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