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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Notes on the Pasadena Post-2020 Elections Scorecard

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group presents "Notes on the Pasadena Post-2020 Elections Scorecard", as we preview our pending semi-monthly coverage of issues awaiting incoming Mayor Victor Gordo, who's Union-financed Victory over Incumbent Terry Tornek, will prompt questions regarding the fiscal, racial and ethical future of the City of Roses.

Will incoming Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo, truly place the pressing-needs of Working Families paramount over the wishes of his "Brothers and Sisters in Labor", who financed his Victory over Incumbent Terry Tornek?
** Blogger's Notes: Pasadena District Five City Councilman Victor Gordo made history in the recent November Elections with his Victory over Incumbent Mayor Terry Tornek, to become the City of Rose's First Latino Mayoral Officeholder. Gordo, who was born in the Mexican State of Zacatecas (incidentally, the same native Mexican State of Indicted Ex LA City Councilman Jose Huizar), will take office this month, thanks to a big fiscal commitment by the day-time Labor Attorney's fellow "Brothers and Sisters of Labor" ………, with approval from LA County Labor Federation Leader Ron Herrera (and CLOSE confidant, State Senator Maria Elena Durazo). Bluntly, now out-going Mayor Terry Tornek did not have a fiscal chance against Gordo's Labor-financed Campaign, who will surely reap the benefits ...………, but at what cost to Pasadena's fiscal, racial and ethical well-being? In the weeks ahead, the Mayor Sam Sister Cities News Group will continue its missives which chronicles issues of note from our past coverage (noted below), combine with new topics that will surely arise from a pending …….., Mayor Victor Gordo Administration----Scott Johnson.   

With the Mayoral Election of Victor Gordo, will Pasadena's First Latino Mayor commit to Open and Transparent Governess, especially in exercising oversight of the actions of City Manager Steve Mermill, who has taken questionable actions against activists of color, protesting his Cannabis Decisions and the removal of African-American Fire Chief Berthal Washington?

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