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Friday, October 30, 2020

A Mayor Victor Gordo Would Divide And Parcel Pasadena ........., Under The Union Label

With the LA County Labor Federation's Approval, a Mayor Victor Gordo Administration would Divide and Parcel Pasadena Interests under the Union Label, with dire ramifications for the Fiscal, Ethical (and Racial?) Health of the Rose City. 
No inconvenient Racial Issues will stop Pasadena Mayoral Candidate Victor Gordo from shilling for the desires of his Labor Supporters.

** Blogger's Notes: For Pasadena Residents who have not made their choice in the 2020 Mayoral Election, the choice between retaining a proven Incumbent (in current Mayor Terry Tornek), or voting for Challenger City Councilman Victor Gordo, is easily discernable ………., considering who is seeking to buy the Rose City's Top Office. As reported by Colorado Boulevard.net, Councilman Gordo's (who daylights as a Labor Attorney) Mayoral Campaign, is HEAVILY-financed (as we document below) by Organized Labor, with approval from the LA County Labor Federation ………, and the LA County Democratic Party

As witness via other Union and Democratic Control Municipalities, a potential "Mayor Victor Gordo Administration" would Divide and Parcel Pasadena into Union-controlled Interests, with dire fiscal, ethical and possible racial ramifications. In January of 2020, the Mayor Sam Blog reported on the role of Organize Labor in supporting illegal Cannabis Establishments in Pasadena (and other cities). Its plausible that a Mayor Gordo Administration would be amenable to granting Labor Interests approval oversight on future Pasadena Cannabis Permits. Further, we have previously reported on the silence of Councilman Gordo (who's Mayoral Campaign is endorsed by the Firefighters Union) in regards to the controversial removal of African-American Fire Chief Bertral Washington by City Manager Steve Mermell, during Black History Month. Its obvious from the immense amount of funding from Challenger Gordo's Brothers and Sisters in Labor, that Racial Relations will be a secondary priority to the wishes of Labor, if their desired candidate wins. Lastly, the undecided Pasadena Electorate needs to ponder what the impact an Organized Labor-bought Mayoral Officeholder, will have on the Fiscal Health of their Covid-impacted Municipality. As Incumbent Mayor Terry Tornek notes on his Campaign Website.

Pasadena had developed a structural deficit, which means we were spending more than we were collecting and using reserves to make up the difference. Moreover, we had been victimized by an employee who stole $6 million over an 11 year period due to inadequate internal accounting controls. I made it my first priority as Mayor to get our financial house in order.  As Chair of the Finance Committee, I made certain that we rebuilt our accounting system and replenished our Reserves. Then I went to the Voters with Measures I and J to generate $21 million annually so we could eliminate any structural deficit and have funds available to invest in our capital infrastructure and looming pension liability.

That noted, do Pasadena Residents want to retain a PROVEN Leader with sound fiscal priorities in place …….., or cease control of your municipality to those responsible for the current dire economic, ethical and corruption state of the City of Los Angeles??-----Scott Johnson. 

LA County Labor Federation Leader Ron Herrera's Brothers and Sisters sparing no expense in their quest to buy the 2020 Pasadena Mayoral Election as documented below. 
  • * Northern California District Council of Laborers PAC (ID# 1243030), Sacramento, CA: $40,000 (union PAC)
  • * Laborers Local 300 Small Contributor Committee (ID# 950674), Los Angeles, CA: $25,000 (union PAC)
  • * Southern California District Council of Laborers PAC #1358150, Long Beach, CA: $20,000 (union PAC)
  • * IBEW Local 11 PAC #822725, Pasadena, CA: $20,000 (union PAC)
  • * Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition PAC, Sacramento, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
  • * Laborers Local 652 PAC #72-1519706, Santa Ana, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
  • * LIUNA 89 PAC (ID# 316497), San Diego, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
  • * LIUNA 777 PAC 942524, Los Angeles, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
  • * Operating Engineers Local 13 PAC #743030, Pasadena, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
  • * LIUNA Local 1309 PAC, Lakewood, CA: $7,000 (union PAC)
  • * SEIU 721 PAC #743794, Los Angeles, CA: $6,000 (union PAC)
  • * Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation Workers Local 105 PAC #962809, Glendora, CA: $6,000 (union PAC)
  • * Laborers Local 304 PAC #902565, Sacramento, CA: $5,000.00 (union PAC)
  • * LIUNA 652 PAC #72-1519706, Santa Ana, CA: $5,000 (union PAC)
  • Victor Gordo's Brothers and Sisters in Labor will stop at nothing to divide and parcel out the City of Pasadena (under Union Control), as witness by the removal of Fire Chief Bertral Washington ........, during Black History Month.

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