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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Bloggin Mayor Sam Sister City News Group Re-Opening

After a too-long hiatus, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group commences its bloggin Re-Opening, as a City, State, Nation and World, seeks an arduous return to a previous normal, while holding accountable those who have fail their fellow citizens, via episodes of ethical, moral and character breaches of behavior.  
A Failure Mayor 2.0 Unmasked
** Blogger's Notes: A too-long hiatus comes to a needed ending.
Since our last post in March, these last three historic months has seen a World, Nation, State, City, Friends and Family, endure a Pandemic originating in a Communist-controlled Country, then witness a heinous breach of moral conduct (the Death of George Floyd), that has profound implications on the stability of our already-wounded society.
As with any crisis, those that we appoint into position of leadership, are expected to conduct themselves and execute their authority, with respect to the laws that supposedly safeguard our rights granted to us by the Constitution .........., or so we thought.
In the days ahead as the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group re-commences its cyber-dialog, its our paramount priority to promote a non-conditional discussion (no Cancel Culture Threats withstanding), on those who have used a Pandemic, and a senseless Death, to promote a self-serving agenda that takes for granted the Rule of Law and the Rights accorded us by a "Timeless Document" that is truly "Color-Blind" .........., when strictly-interpretive. Below are brief missives on content coverage in the days ahead-----Scott Johnson.
The Congratulations for "Councilman A and Relative" continues. 
To all our cyber-friends in "Council District A", enduring the Wuhan Virus-related restrictions has been somewhat elevated by the drip, drip, drip, drip outing of what we have reported all along .........., that the Princeton-educated Founder (with support of others) of a Political Criminal Enterprise ......., will be hopefully, relocated to a Federal Property in the near future and a certain "Scheduler, turned Deputy Chief of Staff" ..............., was paid off with Dirty Money. More later.
Former Roybal Foundation President Lou Roybal Gardner (and Wife) at last October's Congressman Edward Roybal Foundation Gala in Pasadena.
In an ideal world, a formerly Family Foundation (now a formal 501-C3 Non-Profit), rooted in preserving the Legacy of Latino Political Pioneer Congressman Edward Roybal, would be inclusive of those who share the values of the late Los Angeles Icon ........, or so we sought. In the days ahead, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group will exclusively disclose how those once in control of a Family Foundation, now are seeking to arbitrarily oust the current 501-C3 Board Incarnation, in a style of politics that the late Congressman would find lacking in moral ......, and ethical standing.  
Former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and enabling Republican RINO Friend.
As friends were losing elder family members to the Wuhan Virus, the likes of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, now a well-compensated Lobbyist for the Mercury Group, was resorting to the old Democratic Party tactic of not letting a Crisis go to waste ........, by allegedly enabling a PR/Communications Contract for his current Employer. In response the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is seeking to stonewall a Fox News 11 Exclusive on the genesis of this latest paid-patronage resulting from a Mercury-Nunez Contribution
Black Lives Matter LA Leader and Cal State LA Professor Melina Abdullah.
In the wake of the LA Rioting that took place following the inept Mayor Eric Garcetti response to the Death of George Floyd, local Black Lives Matter Leader and Cal State LA Professor Melina Abdullah has garnered increase attention within the Progressive Media. That stated, those who have witness Professor Abdullah and followers conduct at past Police Commission Hearings, will find nothing progressive in their collective conduct .........., or her social media comments

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