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Sunday, March 01, 2020

The Sunday-before Briefs on Tuesday Election Proceedings

On this Sunday-before Calizuela's March 3 Primary Elections, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group provides updates on the Los Angeles County District Attorney Race, the Presidential Primary, the Anti-Prop 13 Property Tax Hike Scheme and a link to an informed Voter Guide for Judges.
Will Billionaire Leftist George Soros add the LA County District Attorney Office (via Progressive Challenger George Gascon) to his growing list of bought Election Victories?
** Blogger's Notes: On this First Day of March, we are 48hrs. away from Calizuela's inaugural participation in the Super Tuesday Presidential Primary. While most of the supposed objective Media attention is fixated on the Top of the Ticket, voters would find it wise to educate themselves on the ramifications of selecting candidates that will make worse, "quality of life issues (ie. homeless crisis, crime, taxes, among many)", affecting those who still residing in the once ........., "Golden State".

 In Los Angeles County, District Attorney Jackie Lacey has been targeted for removal by Mark "Mini-Bauman" Gonzalez-led local Democratic Party Machine ........., with financial help from Progressive Billionaire George Soros. Soros, with help from "Mini-Bauman" Gonzalez (along with the "Stenographer of Record in El Segundo"), is seeking to install the former San Francisco DA to replicate his repudiated Pro-Criminal Policies, at the expense of cleansing another African-American from County-wide Office ............, and the Law Enforcement Activists are sounding the Alarm. Retired State Parole Officer and Community Activist Caroline Aguirre, has keyboard an expansive, factual missive, regarding Gascon's adverse impact on Public Safety that should be reviewed by all who care about LA County's declining Quality of Life Issues.    
Bernie Bros and Female Fellow Travelers (including former Southeast LA Assembly Candidate Maria Estrada in video above) are garnering warranted attention for their extreme Campaign Tactics. 
By this time on Wednesday after Super Tuesday, multiple polls are in agreement that Democratic Socialist (oxymoron) Bernie Sanders will have achieve in Calizuela, what the Russian Sub-contracting Wife of Bill Clinton rigged (allegedly) in 2016 .........., but not without controversy. The aptly-named Bernie Bros y Sisters, are going to extremes to insure the purity of their Collectivist Cause (as reported by Project Veritas) ........, and to intimidate those in position to engage in the Democratic Tradition of Voter Fraud. In the video above, Berner Sister (and former Southeast LA Assembly Candidate) Maria Estrada, is shown outside the home of a Nevada Election Official, engaging in blatant Third World-like intimidation tactics, in the spirit of preserving a supposed Free Election (naught). As Bernie Bro y Sisters gather tomorrow in Downtown LA, they would find it wise to Contact the Office of alleged "Bernienista Broken Deal Cedillo", in a Collectivist Exercise to make sure he is not replicating his "2016 Eve of the Calizuela Primary Private Meeting (followed by Payoff)" with ..........., President Trump Mega-Donor Geoff Palmer
The Calizuela Ruling Party's Mis-named Scheme to usurp Howard Jarvis Prop-13 Protections, at the expense to a formerly Golden State's dwindling Middle Class.
Calling upon the spirit of the late, great Golden State Political Legend Howard Jarvis (and his namesake pro-Taxpayers Association), a One Party Calizuela Political Machine, is attempting to usurp the Private Property-protections of Prop 13 .........., with a repugnant act of Ballot Box Misinformation. The Calizuela One Party Junta is seeking to pass another Bond (in reality Tax), that would be use to line the pockets of its union/contractors allies ........., and not provide for the health and safety of those attending Public Schools. In reality, a dwindling Middle Class will again be on the receiving end of another Property Tax Assessment to offset the cost of the Interest, without oversight on the allocation of Bond Money. Angelinos once again need to rally and give this phony Prop 13 ......., the Mayor Gar-SOBBing-inspiring, Measure EE Treatment
South Bay Republican Activist Craig Huey has the informed Voter Guide on Judges (and other races) to counter the LA County Democratic Machine's "Stenographer of Record in El Segundo (aka. LA Times)". 
Every Election Cycle, the process of exercising our sacred right to choose the most qualified Officeholder, becomes more arduous, as we seek objective information on those who (including Davis Berger) would "Strictly-Interpret the Constitution" ........ in the Halls of Justice. In response, South Bay Republican Activist Craig Huey has done the Greater Good in providing the best information on who is best-suited to ensure Justice in our County Superior Court Offices. In comparison to his now neighbor (in El Segundo), "Stenographer of Record (LA Times)", Huey's Election Recommendations are worthy of your consideration on Tuesday----Scott Johnson.

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