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Monday, March 02, 2020

Controversial Pasadena City Manager "Reassigns" African-American Fire Chief During Black History Month

On the eve of Pasadena Mayoral and Governing Council Elections, the untimely reassignment of its African-American Fire Chief Bertral Washington by controversial City Manager Steve Mermell, has prompted members of its historic Black Community (and Mayor Terry Tornek) to demand accountability, while Firefighters Union-backed Mayoral Challenger Victor Gordo ........, remains silent.   
Was Pasadena City Manager Steve Mermell's most recent controversial action to "reassign" African-American Fire Chief Bertral Washington, a peace offering to its Firefighters Union ......., and its endorsed Mayoral Candidate Victor Gordo?
** Blogger's Notes: A question of poor timing ........ and political purpose. That would surely apply to controversial Pasadena City Manager Steve Mermell, following his untimely "reassignment (during Black History Month)" of African-American Fire Chief Bertral Washington, mere weeks before the "Crown City's" upcoming Mayoral and City Council Elections. 
Mermell, who has been the focus of investigative-scrutiny for questionable decision-making regarding Pasadena City Government's selection of Legal Cannabis Vendors, now is under fire for his surprise "City Manger Office Reassignment" of Chief Washington, without consulting the Mayor and City Council, as noted by the Pasadena Star News.

Pasadena Councilman John Kennedy said he may urge his colleagues to replace the city’s top executive, Steve Mermell, over the unexpected reassignment of fire Chief Bertral Washington. The threat came during the public comments portion of Monday night’s City Council meeting, when dozens of black Pasadenans filled council chambers for the second consecutive meeting, calling for answers about the fire chief’s reassignment to a special position in the City Manager’s Office earlier this month.
While City Manager Steve Mermell's timing of Chief Washington's reassignment opens the Blimp Hanger's Doors to rampant speculation regarding the racial connotations of his latest controversial personnel action, its worth noting that Pasadena's Latino Councilman (and Firefighter's Union-backed Mayoral Candidate) Victor Gordo ........., has mostly remain silent on the controversy.

Firefighters Union-endorsed Pasadena Mayoral Candidate Victor Gordo 
As the Mayoral Candidate backed by the Los Angeles County Labor Federation, Gordo can be expected to support the Pasadena Firefighters Union's battle, in its apparent longtime feud with the management of Chief Washington, regardless of the racial overtones.

Further, its also worth noting Gordo's "Union Brothers and Sister's Role" in supporting the efforts of Pasadena's Illegal Cannabis, which should prompt Pasadena Voters to question whether a "Mayor Victor Girdo", would be a "Union-crafted Trojan Horse", that would make paramount the interests of Union Power Couple Ron Herrera/Maria Elena Durazo ..........., at the expense to Pasadena's hard fought efforts to combat racial inequality----Scott Johnson.

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