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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The CD-14 K.A. Leon Campaign's Disdain for Electioneering Rules

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we expose alleged Acts of Illegal Electioneering by the CD-14 City Council Campaign of Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon as his Million Dollars-plus of Special Interests Funding, pays for dozens of "Rent-A-Campaigners", engaging in ethically-challenged GOTV Tactics. 
CD-14 City Council Candidate K.A. (of or de) Leon's "Rent-A-Campaigners" allegedly caught encroaching on Private Property, seeking to illegally post Campaign Signs. 
** Blogger's Notes: With a week remaining before the California Primary/CD-14 City Council Election, certain "Rent-A-Campaigners" of Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, are getting paid quite well to engage in alleged Illegal Electioneering. 

With a Million Dollars-plus of Special Interests contributions and supposed Independent Expenditures (compliments of  LA County Democratic Party Machine allies), dozens of hourly-paid outsiders have descended upon CD-14, seeking to enable an outright victory for the noted Couch Surfer on March 3 ........ but not without controversy. In the top photo, a CD-14 Property Owner properly told a "K.A. Leon Campaign Person" to vacated his land after being caught attempting to post Campaign Signage, without permission. The illegal-posting of Campaign Signage has always been a tired tactic (with questionable benefit) of those seeking to broaden name recognition before Election Day. But the K.A. Leon's Campaign's disdain for Electioneering Rules, is garnering an obvious backlash as the supposed Green Candidate's "Rent-A-Campaigners" illegally post Campaign Signage on any accessible open space, including the Median on Colorado Blvd, the Entrance to Ascot Park (pictured below) ........., and illegally-encroaching on Private Property----Scott Johnson
CD-14 City Council Candidate illegally-posted Campaign Signage at the entrance to Ascot Hills Park.
Close up of "Kevin De Leon (in reality, the CD-9 born Kevin Alexander Leon) Signage.
Is a certain Private Property-encroaching "K.A. Leon Campaign Person", seated among the hourly-paid "Rent-A-Campaigners", bused in to the recent Boyle Heights Candidate Forum?
LA County Democratic Party Machine Disclaimer: "My name is Mark "Mini Eric Bauman" Gonzalez (standing behind Assemblyman Miguel Santiago) and I approve of our Special Interests-financed GOTV Tactics ......., with no apologies to the quality Female Candidates".

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