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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Fact Checking Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon Regarding Council District of Birth

In a Mayor Sam Sister City News Group Exclusive, we fact check the Statement of CD-14 City Council Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon made at last Friday's El Sereno Forum, regarding being a born native of the District.
The California Medical Center in Downtown LA.
** Blogger's Notes: During last Friday's CD-14 Candidate Forum in El Sereno, a tardy former Assemblyman, State Senate President and failed US Senate aspirant known politically as Kevin de Leon, did not waste any time in raising eye brows among the longtime CD-14 Stakeholders in attendance.
As the Local Political Machine's anointed choice to replace the termed-out City Councilman Jose Huizar within the John Ferraro Council Chamber's Horseshoe, de Leon is merely using candidate forum as an exercise to espouse pre-conceived talking points (when not belittling his opponents), but not without push back or fact checking .............., regarding the real Council District of his Birth.
In the course of de Leon's Friday's Opening Statement, audience members (and this Blogger), were surprise to learn that the formerly Assembly Candidate Carpetbagger (and current couch surfer) was born in CD-14 ........, or was he?

The documented Assembly and CD-14 City Council Candidate Couch Surfer known politically as Kevin de Leon.
Discerning CD-14 Stakeholders (and media members) will want to note the following, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, regarding the Politico known as Kevin de Leon.
The name on his birth certificate isn’t Kevin de León. That’s how the Los Angeles Democrat identified himself more than two years ago when he was sworn in as the 47th president pro tem of the California Senate, the first Latino to hold the position in more than a century. On his birth certificate and voter rolls, however, the 50-year-old politician is Kevin Alexander Leon.

........., and regarding his supposed CD-14-located Place of Birth.
The certificate says he was born on Dec. 10, 1966, at California Hospital on South Hope Street in Los Angeles.

That noted, is it true that the Politico born as Kevin Alexander Leon is a native born CD-14 City Council Candidate, self-named Kevin de Leon? Maybe we need to research the past of the late ..........,  CD-9 City Councilman (and Boyle Height's Evergreen Cemetery-interned) Gilbert Lindsay
The late CD-9 City Councilman Gilbert Lindsay.
At the time of the 1966 Birth of the then, Kevin Alexander Leon, California Hospital (and most of Downtown Los Angeles), was within the boundaries of CD-9, who's Councilman was the first African-American Officeholder at 200 N. Spring Street. 
We will give the former California Assemblyman and State Senate President the benefit of the doubt (naught), that he was ignorant of the fact that the location for his "Presidential Inauguration", was once located in CD-9.
Further, we can gloss over (naught), the fact that current City Council Temporary Aspirant (before a 2022 Mayoral Campaign), is not aware that his Developer Contribution Donor Base, is the result of a litigious backroom 2012 Redistricting Sham, that saw most of Downtown LA, gifted to CD-14........, at the expense of CD-9.  
The late CD-9 City Councilman Gilbert Lindsay (and wife Theresa) Grave Site within Boyle Height's Evergreen Cemetery.
Yet, we would be remiss in not noting in closing, that while a former San Diego-residing and roommate of ex #MeToo-disgraced State Senator Tony Mendoza, documented Career Politician, finds a temporary couch domicile next to Occidental College in Eagle Rock, the Councilman of Kevin Alexander Leon's Birth District .............., rests in peace, forever in CD-14-----Scott Johnson. 

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