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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group is on "Gar-SOBBing Watch" as the former Rhodes Scholar, turned emotional Politico Failure (after Measure EE's demise), is the exclusive, Mayoral Corruption Subject, of Investigative Report Peter Schweizer's new Bestselling Book "Profiles In Corruption".
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is the Mayoral Corruption Subject of Investigative Report Peter Schweitzer's explosive new Best Selling Book. 
**Blogger's Notes: We are on bloggin "Gar-SOBBing Watch" as former Rhodes Scholar, turned emotional Mayor Eric Garcetti, achieves a great dubious distinction that his predecessor Antonio Villar (then Raigosa), somehow failed to garner, by becoming a ............., Profile in Mayoral Corruption.

Investigative Reporter Peter Schweitzer's latest Best Selling Book "Profiles In Corruption" has many prominent Democrats on edge as the author's 18 months of background research comes to fruition.
While we eagerly await our copy, we would be remiss in not noting those including CityWatch LA's Daniel Guss and original LA Watchdog Jack Humphreville, who have been selfless in outing the ethical transgressions originating from the Third Floor at 200 Spring Street.        
Former CD-14 Deputy Chief of Staff and supposed Mayor Garcetti's Director of Public Relations Henry Casas (in dark suit).
Memo to Daniel Guss, have you seen in recent weeks, a well-known ex CD-14 Staffer and Mayor Garcetti Body-Double Henry Casas?
Rumors are rampant that the inspiration for CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's infamous "National Night Out Tirade", as been shown the door of departure from the Mayor Garcetti Administration, due to alleged, inappropriate workplace conduct.
Longtime local political observers will remember that Casas was arrested on New Year's Eve in 2009 for felony domestic abuse and in the first years of the Mayor Garcetti Administration, was the subject of journalistic inquiries into his workplace conduct. 
We should note that Casas has been seen in recent months, advocating for certain Cannabis Businesses, seeking city-approved permits in Southeast LA Municipalities, including Cudahy.  
New Empower LA/DONE General Manager Raquel Beltran.
New Empower LA/DONE General Manager Raquel Beltran, has embarked on a Listening Tour of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council System under her charge and hopefully, she will be accorded the opportunity to engage Stakeholders ............., contrary to what happen at the Historic Highland Park NC.
According to longtime Community Activist Caroline Aguirre, the Stakeholders present on the night of General Manager Beltran's HHPNC's appearance, were not allowed to comment or ask questions, due to a decision by the Board.
In an ideal NC system, Stakeholder Dialog would be of paramount priority and the fact that a General Manager would acquiesce on a central tenet of NC responsibility, is quite telling-----Scott Johnson. 

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