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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

CD-14 Candidate Raquel Zamora Facilitates Teachable Moment On 21st Century Constituent Outreach

 Boyle Heights Native, Businesswoman and Educator Raquel Zamora, facilitated a refreshing Teachable Moment on what 21st Century Constituent Outreach should constitute as she showcased the endemic communal knowledge, that forms the foundation for her full term-committed, Grass Roots Campaign to replace CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. 
CD-14 Candidate Raquel Zamora utilizing 21st Century tools to facilitate a recent El Sereno Meet and Greet at the Hecho En Mexico Restaurant. 
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the momentary pause ....., as we engage in a flashback moment to a time last century in Council District 14, when a late Officeholder was respected for a brand of Constituent Services .........., awaiting a 21st Century incarnation.

In an ideal city council district (with ethical representation), incoming constituent concerns, requests and questions should be facilitated with an efficient process that fosters the timely outflow of responses, but during the reign of Councilman Jose Huizar, that process was perverted, in favor of those processing (or buying) the influence ......... and espousing the expected loyalty to the Officeholder.
Now in 2020, with the Los Angeles Political Machine seeking to install a temporary "Councilman Jose Huizar 2.0". a Boyle Height Native, Businesswoman, Educator (and CD-14 Candidate) Raquel Zamora, is facilitating an ideal 21st Century Model of Constituent Outreach ........., that merits serious consideration by the voters. 
Boyle Heights Native Raquel Zamora with community members.
During a recent El Sereno Meet and Greet at the Hecho En Mexico Restaurant, the aspiring Grass Root Candidate utilize 21st Century tools to superbly facilitate a bilingual dialog on neighborhood issues, that was positively received by those in attendance.
More impressive was the fact that Zamora, self-compiled the topics for the presentation during her successful effort that garnered the required amount of signatures to qualify for the March Ballot (at a cost of five pounds). 
The fact that Zamora's presentation was rooted on issues germane to the neighborhood hosting the gathering, with its informal structure that fostered engagement among those present, was a model how an aspiring candidate for public office should conduct a campaign ............., which should be replicated continuously, once in Office.    
CD-14 Candidate Raquel Zamora's presentation focus on neighborhood issues of concern.
We should note that in 2009, CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar flirted with what became know as the "Huevos with Huizzy Tour" as he conducted a strictly-structured series of breakfast gatherings, involving a selected audience, with pre-screened topics for discussion.
Longtime CD-14 observers will surely remember how the Princeton Graduate Officeholder was an absolute control freak during his approved, choreographed Public Events, in which any deviation from the format structure, was met with verbal contempt .........., and threat of arrest (as Activist Elena Popp will remember).
That stated, it is refreshing that CD-14 Voters once again, have a opportunity to select a City Council Member, rooted in an endemic knowledge of their area of representation, that will return Constituent Services to paramount importance, utilizing 21st Century tools, compare to a carpetbagging, indifferent temporary "Jose Huizar 2.0" ............, with Mayoral aspirations----Scott Johnson.  
CD-14 Candidate Raquel Zamora Campaign Team.

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