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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

A Political Police Chief Moore's Subjective Repudiation of late Jewish-American Andrew Breitbart's Conservative Voice

City of Los Angeles Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBIng's Appointee as LAPD's Top Cop Michael Moore, joins a growing number of Politically-Correct Police Chiefs, who "Swings True", in promoting the Political Agenda of their Officeholder Bosses, as witness with Chief Moore's Subjective Repudiation of his Department's Ads, that appeared on the late Jewish American Andrew Breitbart's Conservative (and Pro-Police) Website.
LA Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBing's Appointed Chief Michael Moore. 
** Blogger's Notes: With no apologies to LA Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBing and his appointed LAPD Chief Michael Moore, we take great exception to your Subjective Repudiation/Attack on Conservative Speech/Values, as witness with your smearing of the Late Andrew Breitbart's Namesake Website. 

Seriously, as the Population (and Homeless) Capital of Calizuela (a formerly Golden State), deals with ramifications of AB-109, Prop 47, Prop 57, mixed with an Ethical Crisis (at 200 Spring Street) meriting Federal Intervention, Chief Moore provides a great example why Angelinos should support reinstatement of Civil Service Provisions, when hiring the Chief of Police. 
Bluntly, Chief Moore needs not to take umbrage at the supposed, contrary values at a Los Angeles-based Conservative Website (founded by two Jewish-Americans), when his "Rank and File" are being targeted for vile attacks by multitudes of anti-Police Agitators and constricted in executing their duties by an ethically-challenged City Hall. 
Unlike Leftist Front Groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the LA Times and others, the diverse staff and supporters of Breitbart.com, are decisively PRO POLICE.
We have no problem stating that in actuality, Breitbart and its supporters, share the values of the Rank and File Officers, who were/are subjective to the questionable (and documented) command values of former Chief Charlie Beck ........., and continued by his replacement Chief Moore. 
Most Angelinos would strongly condemn (and not share the values of) a Police Department Chief, who uses his powers to promote his "Command Staff Sancha (allegedly), promote a crony connected to the thief of Non-Profit Money (allegedly) , seek to punish an officer with "intimate photos" of his Horse Officer Daughter (allegedly) ............, and replace him with someone willing to "Swing Freely" in attacking those with contrary political leanings.
In hindsight, we would strongly suggest that Chief Moore refresh himself with the United States Constitution regarding the rights of citizens to engage in a free dialog, while also being wary of wrongfully labeling those (of all races and genders), associated with a media brand that values the work of his Department ........,and is not afraid to out questionable acts of moral and ethical misconduct-----Scott Johnson. 
The Late Conservative Activist and Namesake Website Founder Andrew Breitbart.
 The LAPD Recruitment Ad on Breitbart.com, that caused Leftist Consternation.
LAPD's Response to Ad Placements on Breitbart. 

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