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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Real Facts (objectively unfit for the L.A. Times) Regarding The (Mystical) Trump/Ukraine Scandal

As a once "Fishwrap of Record (aka. Los Angeles Times)" continues its Journalistic Devolution into a mere, Fake News Replicator, we endeavor to fill the void of providing the Facts, regarding the latest supposed President Donald Trump Scandal (in reality, a Biden Family-enriching Shakedown?).  
The Smoking Ruins of Los Angeles Objective Journalism of Record (now regurgitated Leftist Fake News).

In an ideal American Republic, citizens would be blessed to have a local "Fishwrap of Record", that places paramount, the objective dispensation of News, but this is not the current state of journalistic  reality, in a One Party-ruling, "Calizuela (once a USA Golden State) People's Republic".
Instead, many of Calizuela's Collectivist Communities, have seen their local newspapers, weaponize to act as Fake News/Propaganda Replicators, that serve the interest of the ruling One Party Political Machine ......, as exampled by the now, El Segundo Times (formerly located on Spring Street)
LA Times Editors Celebrating Latest Trump/Ukraine Fake News. 
The now Billionaire-owned El Segundo Times, has seen the its (always) mystical, "Wall of Separation" regarding Editorial Board and Newsroom Operations, dissolve into an journalistic-challenged mixing of subjective musings.
Since the Election of President Donald Trump, the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag (formerly) on Spring Street", has discarded all pretenses of being a news organ of objectively, by slanting its Climate, Immigration, Crime, Police, Cultural and Political Coverage, to advance a Progressive/Leftist Narrative (at the cost, highlighted by dwindling readership), as exampled by its coverage of the supposed, President Trump/Ukraine Scandal.  
Then Vice-President Joe Biden regales audience regarding his Ukraine Shakedown (to protect the financial interests of Son Hunter?). 
Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and Son Hunter. 
Hunter Biden is no stranger to political intrigue and the benefits of having a Political Daddy who knows how to "Line the Biden Family Nest" with the "Foreign Largess", resulting from his former President Barack H. Obama's appointment of him to the Office of Vice-President ........., but not without future repercussions.
Those inconvenient (and most-likely ignored by the LA Times) repercussions, are that then Vice-President Biden's Ukraine Shakedown, prompted his former Democratic US Senators to craft a Letter (posted below) that put pressure on its Government to provide incriminating details on President Trump and former Campaign Manager Paul Manaford ........., using the forfeiture of U.S. Aid as an enticement for Cooperation.
But despite the cited (and attributed) facts, the LA Time's "Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)-afflicted Fellow Scribes/Travelers" remain committed to replicating the Collectivist Fake News ......., while a solitary blog gives you the links to the Truth------Scott Johnson.   
 Democratic US Senators Letter to Ukraine Leaders, Page 1.
Democratic US Senators Letter to Ukraine Leaders, Page 2.

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