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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Congressman "Schiff for Brains Lying Charade"......., Exposed (Again)

  • Constituents of Calizuela's 28th Congressional District (and the Nation), were witness (again) to another Democrat Congressman Adam "Schiff for Brains Moment" as the current Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made a Mockery of today's Whistleblower Hearing ....... with his much-ridiculed, False Opening Statement.
Amazing the "Schiff for Brains" that Acts as an "Eraser of the Truth".
** Blogger's Notes: Calling upon the late Congressman Carlos Moorhead and former Congressman (now Judge) James Rogan, your ex constituents are in dire need .........., of truthful representation.

The former Republican Representatives of what is now, the Calizuela (a formerly Golden State) 28th Congressional District (which covers the likes of Glendale, Burbank, La Canada and Sunland-Tujunga), would be all-the-rage, as now Democratic Congressman Adam "Schiff for Brains", brings disgrace (again), to their former area of representation.
Today's (9/26/19) Congressman Adam "Schiff for Brains False Charade", on Video.
As the President Donald J. Trump Administration was granting unprecedented access to a mundane, Phone Conversation with the Ukrainan President and a second, third, fourth-handed Whistleblower Complaint, the Calizuela 28th District Congressman (and the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee), picked the absolute wrong time to get caught embellishing the facts (again), whoops, audition for Open Mike Night at the Pasadena's Icehouse, (allegedly). 
In the video above (and transcript posted below), you can see, hear and read, the Democratic Party's "Poster Neck", of its exposed-attempt to overturn the 2016 Presidential Elections, make a Mockery of today's Whistleblower Hearing ........ and the Fallout?
The Text of the latest Congressman Adam "Schiff for Brains False Charade".
Congressman Schiff for Brain, provided the Republicans, an unintended opportunity to discredit the Democrat's latest Kangaroo Court proceedings as GOP Congresswoman Elise StefanikCongressman Doug Collins among others, highlighted the growing-fraud (as witness with Breaking News), that was the foundation for today's Schiff for Brians, latest charade.
To further gauge the ramifications of Congressman Schiff for Brain's latest Act of Embellishing (on behalf a Obama/Hillary/Biden Coverup), consider the comment from The Hill's Media Columnist (and Radio Host) Joe Concha.

Schiff's fabrication is a doozy: "[Compaint] reads like a classic organized crime shake down. In essence, what [Trump] communicates is this: We’ve been very good to your country... No other country has done as much as we have. But you know what, I don’t see much reciprocity here"

With that, we can't wait for the next "Schiff for Brains Congression Charade (coming soon)", but until then, we present below a Flashback to the Classic Schiff for Brains Collusion in Comedy Dialog, with real ......., Russian Comics. Enjoy!!----Scott Johnson.
The Classic Audio of Congressman Adam "Schiff for Brains's Collusion" with Russian (Comedians).

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