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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Bloggin Housekeeping Briefs for Monday Morning

As the Mayor Sam Blog and the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group undergo a new cyber-incarnation, we want to update and remind our loyal audience how they can contribute to the bloggin experiment of promoting Openness, Dialog and Transparency, in holding Los Angeles City Hall (and beyond) accountable.
Bloggin Housekeeping is a never-ending endeavor.
** Blogger's Notes: Great Monday A.M. to all as we endeavor to return a sense of normalcy in life and cyber-musing.

There are many of you who are deserving of never-ending gratitude for "being there" during my Mother's last days ......, and pillars of support in the aftermath of her Passing.
The likes of Lydia, Terry, Hugo (and the lovely Maria), Father Tess of the Sacred Heart Parish, Roy, Art, Claudia, Anthony, Carlos, Angela and many others, will always have a "Big Brother" to reciprocate your selfless love in these last months of grief.
With Mom's concurrence, its time to focus again on the cyber-crusade that our late Friend Michael Higby, made possible .......... and is needed more in these trying times of One Party Rule in the Homeless Population Capital of Calizuela (a formerly Golden State).
In recent months, this Blogger has found local solace (and inspiration) via becoming a regular listener of KRLA 870 AM's Morning Answer (with the flowering Conservative Heroine Jennifer Horn and Michael Higby's Friend Brian Whitman), and regaling in Daniel Guss "Excellent City Hall Adventures".  
As we move forward, please acquaint yourself with the following;
First, all of the Mayor Sam Phone and Email Connections are inactive
Second, you can contact this Blogger at (323) 213-0149, or via email at redspotincd14@yahoo.com.
Third, we endeavor to post all stories on our still-active Mayor Sam Facebook Page which allows the opportunity to comment (with restraint).
Fourth, we are actively working on an updated Website that will become the Home of the "Mayor Sam Sister City News Group". More information forthcoming.
At this time, we are a bloggin-work in progress as we move forward to a future cyber-incarnation, rooted in the continues endeavor of promoting Openness and Transparency ........ in an increasingly, tyrannical One Party State----Scott Johnson. 

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