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Monday, May 06, 2019

Hot Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

The Mayor Sam Blog returns with content pertaining to the pending Resignation of Empower LA/DONE General Manager Grayce Liu, the dire communal ramifications of State Senator (also Developer Lackey) Scott Weiner's SB-50, a stealth (naught) attempt by LAUSD Superintendent Austin Buetner to alter the language of Measure EE and a former State Senate Presidentes's desired emulation of a "Failure Mayor's CD-14 Political Pit Stop to Mayor" aspirations.  
Empower LA Out-going GM Grayce Liu (above) will no longer be responsible for the questionable behavior of former City of San Fernando Mayor Mario Hernandez (pictured with then City Council Paramour Maribel de la Torre).
** Bloggers Notes: Great post Cinco de Mayor Monday to all as we return to reacquaint fingers to the bloggin keyboard, with bountiful content to share. We begin with last Friday's announcement from Empower LA/DONE General Manager Grayce Liu of her pending resignation to take another position in Mayor Eric Garcetti's Administration.
Disregarding the numerous acts of petty political interference by Mayor Garcetti and City Council, Lu will be lauded for her commitment to the Neighborhood Council System, but the timing of resignation may have to do with the department hiring of dubious Politicos, such as disgraced former City of San Fernando Mayor Mario "Tonto" Hernandez, the former paramour of City Council Colleague Maribel "Sancha" de la Torre. More later in the week.   
Endangerment Alert!! State Senator (and Luxury Development Lackey) Scott Weiner's SB-50, would endanger Single Family Dwellings in Calizuela.
If anyone personifies the Evil of Big Government in Calizuela ........., its No Cal (via San Crappycisco) State Senator Scott Weiner. Progressive Housing Advocates on the Left and Limited Government Conservatives, should agree that Senator Weiner's SB-50 would adversely alter the formerly Golden State's historical communal landscape, benefiting Weiner's Luxury Developer Sponsors. 
 Sweet whispers between LAUSD Superintendent Austin "Mini Riordan II" Buetner and School Board Member Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia,.may impact "EE Rating".
We ponder if LAUSD Superintendent Austin Buetner was a recipient of a phone call from Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee's Enforcer Rick Jacobs after the El Segundo Times (formerly on Spring Street), disclosed that "Mini Riordan II" Buetner's emulation of the Gar-SOFT-ee Administration's "Slight of Hand in Changing the Language of a Ballot Measure (reminiscence of Measure HHH)". Meanwhile, his policy paramour on the School Board Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia, has been making the rounds (denoted by directional rumblings) promoting yet another unaccountable tax on Property Owners. 
Will the Voters of CD-14 applaud a former State Senate Presidente's repeat of a Failure Mayor's 2003 City Council/Mayoral aspirations? 
Ex Calizuela State Senate Presidente Kevin de Leon the First, is the pending (as fast as fingers move) recipient of a new bloggin designation. The birth-given Kevin Alexander Leon (K.A. Leon for short), later the politico-aspiring Kevin (de or of) Leon, will be hereby known as .......... "K. Antonio (de or of) Leon". The Career Politico BFF of Fabian (and Esteban) Nunez, is apparently telling CD-14 Constituents, that his 2020 City Council Campaign is a warm-up act for a 2022 Mayoral Campaign ........, which would be a over-billing bonanza for a certain "Private Citizen/Political Consultant (John Shallman)", if retained by the K. Antonio (de or of) Leon City Council/Mayoral Campaign----Scott Johnson.

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