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Thursday, November 01, 2018

A "Halloween Legal Treat (in the Form of another Ex Huizar Staffer Lawsuit)" for Team Huizar

The Los Angeles City Council District # 14 Duo known as "Team Huizar", was the recipient of a "Halloween Legal Treat (in the Form of another Ex Huizar Staffer Lawsuit)" as former City Hall Office Manager (and Mother of the Councilman's Nephew) Pauline Medina, becomes the latest to cite Workplace Misconduct ..........., that included the Princeton Graduate's Affair with another Staffer.
Kudos to the Princeton Graduate regarding his Halloween Legal Treat (errr, latest Lawsuit).
** Blogger's Notes: The truth exposed, again .........., by family.
Former CD-14 City Hall Office Manager Pauline Medina became the latest Ex Huizar Staffer to go Public (via Legal Documentation) regarding multi-forms of Workplace Misconduct by City Councilman Jose Huizar (and top underlings).

As we near Noontime on the day after the process-serving of the Halloween Legal Treat, targeting "Team Huizar", normally-vocal "Huizzy Enablers (as exampled by Mago A., Eddie S., Julio T., and newest convert, Carlos M.)", are abnormally-muted, in the realization that the latest Ex Staffer to formally-accuse the self-noting Princeton Graduate of malfeasance ........., is/was also a Huizar Family Member.
Medina is the Mother of a Councilman Huizar's Nephew, via a previous Relationship with the same Brother (allegedly employed, by the Department of General Services) ..........., who allegedly grabbed another Ex Staffer Litigant, Mayra Alvarez's rear during a Public Event.
Of interest in the Molina Filing, is the "Team Huizar" alleged proclivities to misuse Discretionary Funding, for personal priorities, an issue that has been broached in the past .........., and merits a through revisiting in the pending Discovery Process----Scott Johnson.  

Terrance Jones Law Firm's Press Release regarding Pauline Medina's Lawsuit.

Cover Page of the Pauline Medina Lawsuit.

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