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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The Lying Ways of Broken Deal Cedillo, Staff and Developer Friends in Lincoln Heights continues ........

As CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", Staff  and potential Measure HHH-financed Developer Friends (GTM and WORKS), continue their joint Communal Campaign of Repugnant Lying Deceit, those seeking the courtesy of responsive, ethical governance ..........., are treated with open disdain and contempt.   
A CD-1 Representative or in reality .........., a contemptuous Strongman? 
** Blogger's Notes: With the upmost respect to the esteem Father Tess of the Lincoln Height's Sacred Heart Parish, your blessed grounds of worship ..........., may be defiled by an orchestrated "Act of False Witnessing (again)".

Since the start of 2018, the Community of Lincoln Heights has been Ground Zero for a Backroom-conceived Scheme to circumvent the will of the voters, in seeking to fraudulently-misuse Measure HHH Bond Money for the Development of five Broadway Business Corridor Public Parking Lots, into Affordable/Market-Rate Housing ........, with NO Homeless Housing/Supportive Services.
Lincoln Heights Community Members in the hundreds, attended multiple public meetings, seeking to question those (in both spoken and written form), who's decision-making would adversely-change a historic Neighborhood ........., without input.
Instead of answers, the likes of the Lincoln Heights Business Community, the Lincoln Heights Neighbor Council (LHNC) and your Parish's Social Justice Committee, were subjected to choreographed visitations where "Government Speak" was in bountiful supply .........., at the cost of the truth.
During a supposed, "Summer of Dialog", the politically-connected Development Duo of GTM Holdings and WORKS (with direction from City Staff), continue on with the charade of listening,  while seeking out the support of ethically-challenged, communal enablers ........., with low "buy/sell out points".
More repugnant, was the blatant falsehoods uttered during a Meeting of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, by CD-1 City Council Staffers Sylvia Robledo, along with Bill "The Enforcer" Cody, that falsely stated that hundreds of Lincoln Heights Community Members (including your Parish's Social Justice Committee President Robert Vega), were in support of the proposed Developments, after WORK's presentation at Sacred Heart, last May. 
It was not long ago that the Sacred Heart Parish, was a blessed Pillar of Strength, as the Better Angels of Character within the Lincoln Heights Community, stood strong in solidarity, forcing then City Councilman Ed Reyes, to halt the controversial "Las Villas Project (on the site of the old Rose Eye Clinic)"
A decade later, the Better Angels from the likes of the LHNC, LH Business Community, the Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights and numerous Stakeholders of Character (including members of your Parish), merely ask to be accorded the respect of confronting those (with the open hand of truth), who again, conspire to defile a Communal Enclave of Spiritual Strength ............, in seeking to spread, community-altering False Witness-----Scott Johnson.       
Does CD-1 Council Office Staffer Sylvia Robledo enjoy mixing falsehoods regarding the Lincoln Heights Community's alleged support for their fraudulent misuse of Measure HHH Bond Money?  
Would CD-1 Strongman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo (and Staff)", give False Witness regarding the supposed Support of Sacred Heart Parish's Social Justice Committee President Robert Vega, for the proposed Lincoln Heights Developments? They did ...........  
 Will the politically-connected Development Duo of WORKS (Ed Reyes-consulted) and GTM Holdings (Mayor Garcetti's supporter), be truthful about their lack of communal support at its May (non) Listening Session??
Will the Pastoral Leadership of the Lincoln Heights Sacred Heart Parish allow False Witnessing, while denying Community Activists the opportunity for truthful rebuttal? 

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