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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

#Richellary2020 Campaign's Harvest of Downtown Developer's Cash

Live from the Downtown LA's Exchange ......., its Team Huizar's first #Richellary2020 Campaign Harvesting of the Developer's Cash Crop, featuring Huizar's assorted CD-14 recipients of Public Largess ............., and an anonymous disclaimer for those who chose to finance the next incarnation of the Huizzy Brand (along with "friends").  
Declared CD-14 City Council Candidate #Richellary2020 (and family) present themselves as the continuing First Familia. 
 ** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon our momentary pause on the current pre-November Election Proceedings, to quickly muse on last week's #Richellary2020 Campaign Harvesting of Downtown LA's Developer Cash Crop. The Female Half of "Team Huizar", known as Richelle Rios Huizar, along with her Campaign Staff (that strangely resemble the likes of taxpayers-paid Council Staff), worked the floor of Downtown's Exchange, collecting checks, payable to maintaining "Huizar (and Friends) Brand of Developer Servicing (along with a few Loyal Indigenous Stakeholders)" ........ as noted in the Anonymous Letter pictured below. People sightings of bloggin interest, included Gustavo Valdivia (minus former Building and Safety Inspector Friend) and former CD-14 Deputy Chief of Staff (also a convicted domestic abuser) Henry Casas .........., which is sure to reinforce the #MeToo Enabler standing of a Wife, married to a former "Person of Interest"----Scott Johnson.  

 Anonymous Letter from a Downtown Business Person, regarding what is expected from those seeking to propose Developments in Downtown LA.  
Developer Art Gastelum.
Sister Yolanda (on left from Highland Park) and Brother Michael (on right from Eagle Rock) Noguiera.
Sal Martinez, flanked by Boyle Heights Wolfpack Associates Aba (left) and April (right).
#Richellary2020 works the Crowd.

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