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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Ex. CD-14 Staffer Statement Regarding Alleged Councilman Huizar's Workplace Conduct

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive,  we have received, and given permission from a "Former CD-14 Council Office Staffer", to post a Statement regarding alleged Workplace Misconduct involving current Chief of Staff Paul Habib ............,  along with City Councilman Jose Huizar.   
City of Los Angeles CD-14 City Councilman observes as Wife Richelle Rios Huizar greets, then Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.
** Blogger's Notes: In the last couple of months, the Mayor Sam Blog been made aware of the departure of numerous CD-14 Staff Members (mostly females), as the speculation regarding a very-possible Richelle Rios Huizar 2020 CD-14 City Council Campaign nears reality. The political aspirations of the loyal Wife of the "past occasional-straying Officeholder", is predicated on her Husband's Power of Status on the City Council (as noted in the recent Downtown News Editor Jon Regardie Missive) and most important ........., his workplace/personal conduct. On Monday, we received a Statement from an Ex. Staffer, that if true, has dire implications for the continuance of the "Team Huizar Brand" (and those other Former Staffers, who seek to politically-benefit on their silence).  For the record, the identity of the Ex. Staffer remains anonymous at their request .........., and we accord the Office of Councilman Huizar the respect to respond (redspotincd14@yahoo.com) ......... if they choose-----Scott Johnson. ** Afternoon Update: Richelle Rios Huizar announces her campaign.

Hi this is an Ex Staffer who used to work for Huizar i contacted u about the behind the scenes in my office
But i had to get my mind and stress level down before talking about the affair n my boss and all his shady deals and gcp and ab1290 monies being used for golf and tables and fundraisers..
I have endured 10 years of trauma
And i want everyone to know JOSE HUIZAR IS A HORRIBLE BOSS AND SO IS HIS CHIEF OF STAFF who sits quietly and doesnt protect the staff from that monster
I took a stress leave since feb 
Ended up having to finally quit so i can catch up financially with my vacation check etc
And JUST LIKE that i gave 10 years and endured all this trauma and stress for huizar to not even acknowledge me or reached out
Anyhow my apologies on the early text
I just wanted people to know 
Huizar is a SEXUAL PREDATOR TO THE WOMEN IN THE OFFICE AND swears he is untouchable

Will more Ex. CD-14 Staffers come forward with testimonials on Workplace Issues?
Picture of Councilman Jose Huizar's Blackberry taken by former Mayor Sam Blogger David "Zuma Dogg" Saltzburg.
Former CD-14 Deputy Chief of Staff (and Sexual Harassment Litigant) Francine Godoy.
Feb 11 
Pursuant to Government Code § 6254(f), this information is provided pursuant to your January 21, 2015 public records request:
• Suspect: ** Jose Huizar, 1819 N. Alona, Santa Ana (listed in April 29, 2005 and June 14, 2005 reports), and ** Jose Luis Huizar 4903 Calandria Way, Los Angeles (listed in September 8, 2005 and November 2, 2005 reports). No arrests are noted.
• Witness (excluding victim): Olivia Jobe, Burke Williams Spa employee (not the victim).
• Date, time, and location of incident: April 9, 2005, approximately 9:15 p.m., Burke Williams Spa, 39 Mills Place, Pasadena.
• Dates of police reports: April 29, 2005 (original report), June 14, 2005, September 8, 2005, and November 2, 2005 (add reports).
• Factual circumstances: The victim, then 28, reported the incident on April 18, 2005. The victim alleged she was giving a massage to the suspect, and the suspect grabbed the victim’s legs during the massage and attempted to pull her toward the massage table. Additionally, at the conclusion of the massage, the suspect grabbed the victim’s leg, arm, and breast.

No additional information can be provided to you in accordance with the decision in Haynie v. Superior Court, (2001) 26 Cal.4th 1061, 1072
Alicia Patterson
Records Administrator

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