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Monday, January 15, 2018

MLK Day Briefs on the Character (deprived?) Los Angeles (and beyond) Political Machine

On this Day that we honor the Legacy of Civil Rights Icon Martin Luther King Jr. the Mayor Sam Blog continues its tradition (actually daily endeavor) to NOT judge the operatives of our local Political Machine, based upon their Skin Color, but instead, document Acts of Policy Character (or lack of). 
Wonder if MLK would favor Character/Merit-based Immigration, but I digress?
** Blogger's Notes: We want to wish everyone a great, MLK Day of Character Refection. To paraphrase the timeless vision of the Civil Rights Icon ........, "Today, like yesterday and tomorrow, politicos and enabling entities WILL NOT be judged by their ethnicity, but by the character content of their actions". That stated, we want to give bloggin witness to our cyber audience in continuing to expose (below) those in need of a CHARACTER INTERVENTION, but also COMMEND those (in a separate Blog Post later today), who's talk of Character .........., is matched by ACTION-----Scott Johnson.  
12/23/156th & Catalina Chevron Inc.   
(Other, non-individual)
Los Angeles, CA 90020-2202
Mike Bonin 
Council Member - District 11

1379818 - Mike Bonin for City Council 2017
A - Monetary Contribution Received 

Period: 01/01/15 to 12/31/15
** As Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee Member Mike Bonin, along with colleagues Paul Koretz, Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Jose Huizar seek approval to join the growing Green Leftist Lawsuit Demonetization of Big Oil (in reality, a redistribution money grab), the CD-11-derided Bike Lane Advocate and his Clowncil Climate (Fraud) Fellow Travelers, may want to allocate some office time to deal with EXPOSED realities (Chevron and its supported LA Jobs PAC) of Contribution Hypocrisy.

** To paraphrase noted American Social Commentator Forrest Gump (in fitting with the CD-1 Communal Culture) ......., "STUPIDO IS as STUPIDO DOES (especially if STUPIDO is also known as Broken Deal Cedillo)". The Act of Breaking Deals, Reneging on your Word (or SIGNED Letter as pictured above)), is second-nature to the Re-elected CD-1-representing City Clowncil Central Committee Member as ANGRY Lincoln Heights Community Members are witnessing.
** There was once a time in Los Angeles Journalistic History when the shouts of the Paper Boy pronouncing "EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it", merited a prompt response to indulge in the latest EXCLUSIVE missive ........., based upon objective facts. But decades later, the Paper Boy has been replaced with an App on your Cell Phone, that acts as a Propaganda Dispenser of "STUFF" too good to be true ........, from a certain "Old Gray Collectivist Resister on Spring Street". Indeed, the State of local Journalism, is devolving into a One Political Party Regurgitation of Anti-Trump/Republican Disinformation, that serves as a cover for the GROWING corruption, via the CADEM Establishment/Special Interest United Machine, which controls "Cubafornia on the Pacific". But for those who STILL espouse to practice the craft of Reporting, based upon Who, What, Where, When, How and Why (without bias or shakedown for Public Funds), we present The View's Megyn McCain's Tutorial on deconstructing a Journalistic Fraud. Remember Character COUNTS-----Scott Johnson.   
Off the Record, NAUGHT when engaging in Agenda Journalism.

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