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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Former Assemblyman Mike Gatto DROPS Bid for State Treasurer

The Political Career of NOW former Silver Lake Assemblyman Mike Gatto, has apparently run its course (for now), as he confirms cessation of his State Treasurer Campaign, citing a New-born Child (but not the coming FALLOUT from the Assemblyman Matt Dababneb Scandal).
Remembering the ICONIC "Infant Assemblyman" Photo.
** Blogger's Notes: Its TRUE .................., please pardon the momentary pause of bloggin reflection as we ponder the apparent END of an "INFANTmous Political Era". In a strangely understated Political News, former Silver Lake, stay at Mommy's Home INFANTmous Assemblyman Mike Gatto confirmed a Twitter Scoop via Sacramento Bee Reporter Christopher Cadelago ............., the CESSATION of his State Treasurer Campaign and Endorsement of former challenger Assemblywoman Fiona Ma.  

 Endorsed her a while ago. Wasn’t public until your scoop! will make a fantastic Treasurer! 

But with apologies to Scribe Cadelago there were tell-tale signs via two NOTORIOUS GATTO TRUTHER cyber-sites .........., that the POLITICAL END (for now) was nearing.
From the "Burbank (Gatto Truther) Blog" in September.

Local activists have tolerated conservative democrat Anthony Portantino in the name of party unity especially since local favorite former Assemblymember Mike Gatto decided against a Senate run thereby handing Portantino the seat. One would think that Portantino would be greatful as the local activists were genuinely appreciative that Gatto chose not to put the party through another tough internal fight and who also spared Democrats in the state senate and Kevin de Leon from spending mucho dinero to defend the seat after what would have undoubtedly been a bruising battle. However "class" is not in Portantino's vocabulary and his team is back with a revived and reviled Gatto hit website which they created when Gatto was considering his run. It's rather vile. It's designed to be just enough of a parody that some careless readers mistake it for a Gatto fanboy site.  The site has all the markings of a creation of Portantino campaign consultant Douglas Morrow, an alleged sexual harasser and an alleged sexual blackmailer who allegedly got fired by the State Assembly for allegedly sexual harassing female staffers with alleged sexual blackmail and yet despite all that who Portantino shamelessly hired.  It's a special kind of lowlife who has to blackmail women for sexual favors but if you've ever seen political consultant Doug Morrow you understand the allegations. 

......... and in the last couple of weeks from "Jarvis" via the alleged "Gatto (crude and vulgar) Fanboy Site" 

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that despite having the misfortune of running against Mike Gatto, Fiona Ma would actually make a pretty sweet State Treasurer.  In fact, it’s one of many sweet things I’ve highlighted about her, including her support for the legal weed industry.  Sure, I’ve had my objections to some of her legislation, but at her core, she’s an accountant.  And that’s exactly what the role requires… nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand, Mike isn’t a bean counter.  He’s a leader… a leader who didn’t want to run against Kevin DeLeone for Lieutenant Governor or  Anthony Portantino for the State Senate.  But a leader none-the-less.  And while he may have made a perfectly effective treasurer — and in some ways may have preferred it to the stifling, process-addled world of the legislature — he’s not an accountant in his blood.  He’s a glad-hander, a public advocate and a PR wet dream.  His greatest assets could be squandered in the admittedly noble office of California State Treasurer. So did Mike Gatto quietly withdraw from the 2018 race for California State Treasurer?

......., in reality, the answers (why) are likely in the videos below-----Scott Johnson.
The REAL damining Video Reasons, behind the former Infant Assemblyman's cessation of his State Treasurer Campaign. 
Gatto Truthers in denial of their formerly Infant Leader's current FITNESS (or lack of) to seek higher Political Office.

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