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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond) for Hump Day

As First Term 43rd Assembly District Assemblywoman Laura Friedman presides over a Sub-committee investigating Sexual Harassment and Inappropriate Conduct in the State Political Workplace, we repost the INFAMOUS "Break a Rib Video" of her predecessor (and 2018 State Treasurer Candidate) Mike Gatto, hazing colleague Matt Dababneh in 2014.
Will newly-elected 43rd AD Assemblywoman Laura Friedman investigate the "Background" of her predecessor Mike Gatto's "Hazing/Jock Talk Video"?
From the Late Michael Higby on August 13, 2014: The little SFVYD kids can't keep from talking and emailing us. Sounds like some pretty interesting "extra-curricular" activities may have lead to the breaking of ribs. Do the voters know they've got a bunch of frat boys in office?
** Blogger's Notes: On the morning where NBC's Matt Lauer and PBS's Garrison Keillor became the latest purged for Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace, we offer this TIMELY Video Flashback to 2014 when a, NOW 2018 California State Treasurer Candidate (and then Assemblyman) Mike Gatto, engage in "BREAK A RIB JOCK TALK (link here for further background)" on the Floor of the Legislature. If anyone needed a visual example behind the dysfunctional mentality that created the hostile environment for women in Sacramento, they only need to view the facial expression of the former Assemblyman ..........., not fit for State-wide Office in 2018.

Waiting for the NEXT SCANDAL involving ..............
** As the Unlawful, California State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon moves forward in STRIPING former Sacramento Housemate and embattled State Senator Tony Mendoza of his Leadership Positions, the aspiring US Senator .........., is allegedly the TARGET of Candidate Opposition Research ......., that may result in a Election Day, 2018 humbling.
51st AD Assembly Candidate Wendy Carrillo's alleged Voting Record.
** For the record, we post above the alleged Voting Record of the ANOINTED 51st Assembly District Candidate of the CADEM Establishment/Special Interests United, and "Team Huizar" Wendy Carrillo. The Document above, appears to show that Carrillo did not vote in the California Primary ......, but according to a source, she VOTED (for Bernie Sanders?) via a Provisional Ballot. But "Team Huizar (especially her FORMER BOSS CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar)", may HAVE ISSUES with the alleged fact that she NEVER bother to VOTE in any CD-14 Municipal Elections involving Huizar ...........

........., an Inconvenient (and DISLOYAL to Team Huizar) Truth that Uli cannot cyber lock away until after Election Day-----Scott Johnson. 

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