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Monday, November 13, 2017

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and beyond) Political Machine for Monday

Its Official!! State Senate President (and US Senate Candidate) Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon has taken flight from the Sacramento House he shared with embattled State Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) as a SECOND woman comes forward with allegations of Inappropriate Conduct targeting the EX "O.G. Assemblyman (pictured below)".
The former "O.G. Assemblyman": The photo above was taken by an Ex. Staffer.
Not Again!! Time for a new crash pad.
** Blogger's Notes: Does anyone in Sacramento (with NO political baggage) have a spare room for a State Senate President (and floundering US Senate Candidate)? As the National Media took notice on the growing Sexual Harassment Scandal in Sacramento and opined on how its handling would affect the US Senate Campaign of State Senate President Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon, the challenger to Senator Dianne Feinstein vacated his embattled colleague's house and announced new Sexual Harassment Reporting Protocols.

From the Sacramento Bee .........,
The Senate will ask anyone coming forward to direct all sexual abuse, assault or harassment allegations and complaints to an outside law firm, according to the pro tem’s office. The outside firm “will investigate any and all allegations and make findings and recommendations to resolve and, where appropriate, discipline,” essentially replacing the prior role of the Senate Rules Committee in the investigation process.

but State Senate President K.A. (de or of) Leon can't run from the FACT that a multi-year effort to grant Whistleblower Protection to Legislative Workers reporting misconduct, have died in his ally State Senator Ricardo Lara's Appropriations Committee.

A bill to provide legislative employees with whistleblower protections for reporting misconduct has died in the Senate the last four years in a row. Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, has refused to discuss its repeated demise in his committee, and de León left an event at the Vatican last weekend without addressing questions about the measure. 

We ponder whether 51st AD Candidate Wendy Carrillo, has any comments on the stonewalling of Whistleblower Protection by her ENDORSER, State Senator Lara?

** What do State Senator Tony Mendoza and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar have in COMMON? Both have issues with past "Inappropriate Conduct (directed at Female Staff)" as elected officials ..........., and the "Princeton Graduate", like the former "O.G. Assemblyman Mendoza (NOW a embattled State Senator)", FAIL to attend a Veteran's Day Observance on Saturday. 
Honoring our Veterans and our Councilman Jose Huizar is a NO SHOW in El Sereno (Co-Sponsor). Program was scheduled for 11am and did not begin until 12:15. Hilda Solis and @jimmygomezca eventually showed up. Our Representatives are sending our Community a very Clear Message! The ESB Committee was awesome. #WeLoveOurVets#GreatJobByESBC #Accountability #WhereAreOurLeaders #DoYourJob#PublicSafety #Meetings #Nov30 #elSereno #ElSerenoInsider #LA32NC#WeWontBeIgnored #Unite #Community #CD14 #JoseHuizar#JimmyGomez #TeamHuizar #HildaSolis #OKAS #MayorGarcetti#LAPD #Hollenbeck #PoorLeadership   

Somebody forgot #Richellary2020.
A "Coca Puff Moment" to make it appear that his Boss was in attendance.
** For those in the 39th Assembly District who are indignant at the recent disclosure of your Assemblyman Raul "Pervynegra's" DOCUMENTED ACT of Groping, your level of disgust should be the the same with the disclosure of the Officeholder's hiring of Immigrant-bashing RACIST Rosemary Jenikins.
It was Jenkins who stated this about, THEN Assemblywoman Patty Lopez's need to be RECALLED after her victory over her, NOW Boss. 
Although she has lived in this country for more than 42 years (and has unsuccessfully taken ESL classes for 20 of those years), she is functionally illiterate in both English and Spanish. She dropped out of high school and eventually earned her GED but cannot read or write, particularly in English, at even an elementary school level. One of the least egregious examples of her inadequate education can be found on her Ballot Designation Worksheet (used for State filing purposes) on which she wrote “The reason I am choice this title [Educational Community Representative] is because I have been work, voluntter and this.” As a Progressive, I firmly believe in diversity with all its ramifications, but to be an effective legislator at any level requires fluency in the English language and the ability to communicate well. 
Racist says ........, a DOCUMENTED Groper hires-------Scott Johnson.

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