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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Bloggin Thanksgiving ........, with a Serving of Jon Regardie's Annual "#MayoralThanksgiving" Missive

We want to wish a Bloggin Blessed Happy Thanksgiving to ALL ...., and present you with a Serving of Downtown News Editor (and LA's REIGNING Scribe of Wit) Jon Regardie's Annual "#MayoralThanksgiving Missive" ........, featuring alleged, 2020 Presidential Aspirant Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee".  
Photo of "Pilgrim Gar-SOFT-ee" by Gary Leonard with treatment by the Downtown News Staff.
** Blogger's Note: BUUUUURRRRRRP!! Please pardon the gastrial reminder that the Holiday Feasting Season has begun as we wish EVERYONE a Bloggin Blessed Happy Thanksgiving. Unlike President Donald Trump, we DO NOT kindly pardon turkeys, especially the CREEPY POLITICAL VARIETY, as exampled by the likes of Raul PERVYnegra, Tony the TONTO Mendoza ......., and not forgetting SLEAZY Huizzy. We also find non-pardonable the HYPOCRITICAL ENABLING GOBBLERS, who conveniently find fault in others (mainly political opponents) .........., while remaining SILENT about the repugnant, past misdeeds of their "mentors/ex. bosses" (kinda reminds me of a CURRENT Assembly Special Election Candidate, but I digress). But not to fixate on the negative, we will post this afternoon, a BLOGGIN FLASHBACK, honoring those who commented on a past, VERY Public Episode of Inappropriate Conduct, directed at a Woman in the Political Workplace. Until then, we present a bloggin excerpt from Downtown News Editor and REIGNING Scribe of Wit Jon Regardie's Annual "#MayoralThanksgiving" Missive......., featuring Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee-----Scott Johnson.

From the 2017 Edition of "Happy #MayoralThanksgiving":
The mayor’s office will be releasing a #PreparedStatement on Thanksgiving Day in which Mayor Garcetti states very important and certainly not generic things about Thanksgiving, on the chance that an enterprising professional journalist, citizen journalist or YouTube personality cares to write an article/host a podcast/Tweet/otherwise make a social media statement. This will fall in line with other statements such as “Mayor Eric Garcetti on Veterans Day,” “Mayor Eric Garcetti on Labor Day 2017,” “Mayor Eric Garcetti on Yom Kippur,” “Mayor Eric Garcetti on the Holy Month of Ramadan” and “Mayor Eric Garcetti on the National Day of Prayer.”


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