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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Special Fined, Sanctioned (and Reappointed?) Edition of ........, Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker featuring Brian Hews

The Mayor Sam Blog presents a FINED and SANCTIONED Edition of "Ask a Fake News/ Propagandist Muckraker, featuring the Judicial Reprimanded Brian Hews (along with Central Basin Water District Directors/Sources Phillip Hawkins and Art Chacon) .........., who was JUST REAPPOINTED (as Vice-Chair) to the City of Cerritos Economic Development Commission last night (Tuesday).  
The Fined, Sanctioned and Reappointed City of Cerritos Economic Development Commission Vice-Chair, Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Brian Hews.
Blogger's Notes: Its Familiar Times for the INSPIRATION of our "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Parody" Brian Hews, as the Publisher/Editor Namesake of the Hews News Group ......., is FINED and SANCTIONED (again) for unethical behavior

In a Press Release published in the Cerritos-based Gateway Guardian Newspaper, by Central Basin Water District (CBWD) Director Leticia Vasquez, its disclosed that a Superior Court Judge on November 6, forced Hews to admit that his "John Doe Sources" of Fake News/Hearsay were Vasquez's fellow CBWD Directors Phillip Hawkins ........, and Art Chacon. Hews and his legal team was FINED $2,500 and SANCTIONED for withholding evidence without legal justification, resulting in wasted court time. For CBWD Directors Hawkins and Chacon, their joint outing as purveyors of substance-lacking hearsay, could have dire legal ramifications as the Press Release notes.
The legal obstacles have now been removed so that Vasquez can add Chacon and Hawkins as defendants to the suit for their conspiracy with Hews to smear and defame Vasquez with numerous fabricated articles since her election in 2012 in an effort to stop her reform efforts at Central Basin and to defeat her reelection in the November 2016 campaign. 

But the recent Judicial Actions DID NOT prevent the Documented Fake News/Propagandist from being REAPPOINTED (and named Vice-Chairperson) of the City of Cerritos Economic Development Commission ........., which may merit QUESTIONS regarding future city-financed ADs/Legal Notices Buys in the, NOW "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News"-----Scott Johnson.
Question: Dear "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Brian (Documented Fined and Sanctioned)", did your POLITICAL CARNAL Hector Chacon (with assistance from Paul Fickas), help you garner Ad/Legal Fund Revenue from WalMart, considering their FAILED role to build a store in the City of Commerce?

Reply: Waiting for the APPROVED Hearsay Retort via Art Chacon.
Question: Dear "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Brian (Documented Fined and Sanctioned)", are you the "OFFICIAL NEWSPRINT OF DENIAL" for embattled State Senator Tony Mendoza ........ and at what price?

No words needed ...............
Tony showing support (and AD Revenue Love to ME) for Carnal Hector's MUSD Boys (minus now David).
Question: Dear "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Brian (Documented Fined and Sanctioned)", as the REAPPOINTED (as Vice-Chairperson) to the City of Cerritos Economic Development Commission, what examples of self-economic creation/enrichment can you sight as an example for growing the municipal economy?

Reply: F%#$!! That answer may CONFLICT (as in Conflict of Interest) and screw with my NEEDED Ad/Legal Revenue Stream. Hint (COUGH, COUGH!!) .........., from the LA Weekly; According to information obtained by the L.A. Weekly through public records act requests, Los Cerritos Community News has made more than $400,000 from advertisements placed by the city of Cerritos since 2010. In the first five months of this year, the city has paid the newspaper more than $45,000.
Photos of a DOCUMENTED, FINED and SANCTIONED Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Brian ......., are compliments (with Thanks) from Leticia Vasquez.  

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