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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: 51st AD Candidate David Vela Paying AB-109 Parolees To Phone Bank?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose that the David Vela Campaign is allegedly using "AB-109 Low Level, Non-Violent Paroles (associated with Victory Outreach)", as phone bankers, rising serious questions whether confidential voter information is being disclose to convicted felons. 
51st Assembly District Candidate David Vela.
** Blogger's Notes: The Mayor Sam Blog has learned from a VERY RELIABLE Source that the 51st Assembly Campaign of former Montebello Unified School Board Member David Vela, is allegedly using "AB-109 Low Level-Non Violent Paroles (associated with a Victory Outreach Ministry)", to phone bank voters before next Tuesday's Special Election. 
According to the Source, a registered voter received a Phone Call from the David Vela Campaign, that inquired whether the voter would be incline to support the former Montebello School Board Member. 
The voter responded by asking about Candidate Vela's position on AB-109 Prison Realignment, which played a major role in the recent death of Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer ....., and was SHOCKED to learn that the Campaign Phone Banker was a recent AB-109 Low Level, Non Violent Parolee associated with a Victory Outreach Ministry.
If verified, the use of Convicted Felons, errrrr, "AB-109, Low Level, Non Revocable Violent Paroles" as Phone Bankers, raises serious concerns regarding the access of confidential voter (included members of Law Enforcement) information by those with a criminal record.
That stated, the fact that the Vela Campaign is allegedly using Victory Outreach-associated Paroles as Phone Bankers, is NOT SURPRISING, when noting Candidate Vela past (and present) association with dubious characters of Southeast LA County Politics.
Video of Illegal Campaigning by Victory Outreach in recent Commerce City Council Elections.
After the first 51st AD Candidate Forum at Eagle Rock High School, a Longtime Political Observer in handicapping the aspirants seeking to replace, NOW Congressman Jimmy Gomez, noted that Candidate Vela was being supported by Gil Cedillo Jr. (who's Dad endorsed the Vela Campaign) ......, and the INFAMOUS Mario Beltran (who is currently the alleged Puppet Master of the Huntington Park City Council). 
In recent days, sources tell Mayor Sam that controversial Montebello School Board Member Hector Chacon (and his Political Family), is also helping with the Vela Campaign, which would provide the link to Victory Outreach, via equally-controversial brother Central Basin Water District Director Art Chacon.
From the Los Angeles Times in 2012 ........., the Chacons have also relied at times on Victory Outreach, a church that ministers to former gang members. The family uses church volunteers as ground troops to answer phones, pass out campaign literature and help with get-out-the-vote efforts. Family committees have paid more than $10,000 in campaign funds to the church since 2003, records show.
2015 Los Cerritos News Ad for David Vela and Edgar Cisneros Montebello Unified School Board Campaign.
More recent, the LA Weekly in an expansive EXCLUSIVE on the Hews Media Group (and its Publisher/Editor Brian Hew's CLOSE relationship with Hector Chacon) disclosed that Montebello Unified School District (under the, THEN leadership of Vela, Chacon and endorser Edgar Cisneros), approved $27,000 in ad buys for the Hews Media Group ............, which ENDORSED Vela in his unsuccessful, Re-election Campaign in 2015-----Scott Johnson. 

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