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Friday, August 18, 2017

A Much Needed TGIF Bloggin Satire Featuring Joe ........, and Introducing "Joesito Cedillo McCarthy"

In the spirit of celebrating a much-needed TGIF (and Satire), we are bloggin proud to reconnect two kindred political souls who have strayed in opposite directions from the epicenter of creation, only to be reunite here for ............, the sake of laughing at their shared follies.
 The Late Anti Communist U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy 
Career Leftist Politico and current CD 1 City Clowncilman "Joesito Cedillo McCarthy".
** Blogger's Notes: Lets all come together across the Free Cybersphere in proclaiming ......., THANKS GOD ITS FRIDAY (Disclaimer: Any complaints about the use of GOD can be directed to your local BLESSED ACLU Office).
In a week that saw the Political Left/Media (along with castrated Republican Establishment types) engaged in Orwellian Double-Speak and preview their pending AmeriKan Taliban Intolerance, in regards to symbols denoting inconvenient historical episodes, we endeavor to bring UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY ..........., with bloggin Satire.

Yes, when the "Alt(ernative Facts) Left Fishwrap of Disinformation (on Spring Street)" seeks to condone VIOLENCE against those who still believe that "2 + 2 ......, does = 4 (without government intervention)", its our endeavor to reunite two POLARIZING political figures who share like-minded personal (see photos above) .........., and political proclivities (with associated Mouth Pieces for emphasis).
THUS!! Without further cyber delay, we proudly introduce ..........., Joe and MIJO Joesito Cedillo McCarthy. 
Joesito Cedillo, like his PAPI Tail Gunner Joe, has made it a recent (and laughable) crusade to seek out and BAN those who disagree with his UBER-beliefs ........., that Globalist Amerika's sovereignty does not require a WALL to keep future exploited wards of the Collective, from joining a budding People's Paradise (with existing Law School that friend Antonio V. made famous). 
Further, Joesito Cedillo, like his PAPI, seeks to sanction those who seek to dare ....., PROFIT, from the dastardly FASCISTS who seek to keep (still) America, from embracing its GLOBALIST future.
Lastly, we would be remissed in not giving notice to Joesito Cedillo's Comrade/Mouthpiece (think PAPI's notorious ally Roy Cohn), Larry "I AM NATIVO!!" Lopez, who's Felony Conviction, is allegedly an "Alternative Fact Creation" of the Fascist Police State.
We SINCERELY, hope you enjoyed (especially Joesito) and have a great Bloggin Weekend----Scott Johnson.

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