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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Its Special Election Day ........, Again in the 34th Congressional District

Its "D (for Decision)-Day 2017" in the 34th Congressional District as Voters partake in their Constitutional Right (protected by those who landed on the beaches of Normandy 73 years ago today) to select the replacement for, now California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. 
Will an ENERGIZE Korean-American Electorate empower a Special Election Surprise for Robert Lee Ahn ......, at Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez's Expense?
** Blogger's Notes: Its "D (for Decision)-Day 2017" in the 34th Congressional District as the likes of the "Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez for Congress Moving Burro (with Carpetbag)", along with potential 51st Assembly District Special Election Candidates, await the presumptive Victory of the Eagle Rock (via Riverside) Politico, barring the UNEXPECTED ..........., which according to data via the LA Times, cannot be dismiss outright. 
The LA Times reports that early Mail-in Ballot returns are showing a BOOST in Korean-American Voter Turnout that may result in a substantial narrowing of the presumptive Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez Victory Margin.
First, As of Monday afternoon, 21,000 mail ballots had been received, an increase of about 20% compared with the day before the April primary. Korean American voters, who make up just 6% of voters in this majority Latino district, are outpacing Latinos in early returns.  
Second, About 5,660, or 30% of Korean American registered voters, have already voted, according to a surname and birthplace analysis by Political Data Inc. The day before the primary election, about 4,000 Korean Americans had already voted.
Third, Korean Americans made up about 27% of early mail returns as of Monday evening, and Asians as a whole, who have received targeted ads from Ahn, made up about 38% of the ballots.
Most telling ........, This doesn't include more than 1,400 voters who participated in early voting over the weekend. The vast majority of those weekend votes came from Pio Pico Library in Koreatown, where many Korean Americans also turned out in force to vote.
In discerning the information posted above, it would not be inconceivable that Candidate Ahn may have the lead this evening when the initial tally of the early vote is posted, but the big question will be whether Assemblyman Gomez will rise above his normal "Dull Persona", in motivating his Base to counter an ENERGIZE Korean-American Electorate----Scott Johnson.
The Jimmy Gomez for Congress Moving Burro awaiting Today's Election Results.
Eagle Rock Progressive Luis Lopez CAN"T WAIT for a presumptive Gomez Victory Tonight.
Will former CD-1 City Councilman Ed Reyes become the "Congressman Jimmy Gomez Anointed Assembly Successor"? 

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