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Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's BLOGGIN Trending for the Last Week of March?

The last week of campaigning for the April 4, 34th Congressional District Special Election, kickoff of CD 1 Runoff Cedillo Campaign, return of STOLEN Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Property ...... and the NEWLY-assigned Captain of the LAPD's Hollenbeck Division, are some of the TRENDING bloggin topics for this last week of March, 2017.
What is BLOGGIN Trending on Mayor Sam?? 
** Blogger's Notes: Great Sunday night to all as we return to our cyber musings ........., and with SO MUCH topics pending, we begin our bloggin week in briefly noting TRENDING topics, with more substantive coverage following later in the week-----Scott Johnson. 
** Bloggin Joy and Double Joy!! For us LUCKY constituents within the 34th Congressional District, we are little more than a week away from selecting the next Democrat to collect a Federal Pay Check for decades to come, as the replacement for now California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Surely, this week will a blue-tinted "Dust Storm" of attacks, counterattacks ........., and our bloggin expose on certain candidates (think ....... surprises to come), with political baggage.. 
** Its Runoff Cedillo 2017 Time!! Was the embattled CD City Councilman Gil "Runoff Cedillo" feigning his "Moment of Remorse" for his Election Night Personal Attack targeting May Challenger Joe Bray-Ali, considering recent comments from Cedillo Associates that includes, calling Joe a former Republican, insinuating he that can't pay his taxes ......., and cannot run a business. These comments, coming from the Campaign Team that features the likes of Mario "740 Club (and Sherrilynn's Pal)" Beltran and CONVICTED FELON Larry "I am NATIVO!!" Lopez.

** Is LAPD's Hollenbeck Division becoming a Dump Site for Command Staff ....., with Issues? With Captain Martin Baeza being promoted Downtown to Commander, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has "PERSONALLY" graced the Hollenbeck Division, with new Command Captain Ruby Flores (aka. Ruby Malachi) ......... more later.
** DISCLAIMER ALERT!! "Disempowerment LA" Political Patronage Employee Matt Fong and enabling Deputy City Attorney Darren Martinez may find a Brown Act Violation if the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council uses Social Media to notify Stakeholders of the return of STOLEN NC PROPERTY (and who was the RISER, whoops ROBBER, allegedly), that was found on a Charter School Campus in Hermon. 
** An University of Scandalous Conduct Update: According to the Eastern Group Publications (EGP News), LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis, is retaining the services of an Outreach Consultant to help COMBAT community opposition to USC's Biotech Corridor Proposal.  
** Roller Derby NOT Permitted: In recent weeks, the Derby Dolls Roller Team have been in the news as they seek funding for required permits to resume their activities. That said, the Derby Dolls and the LA-32 Neighborhood Council (under the THEN leadership of Marleen Fonseca, formerly Cadillo), may have been involve in a "Support Letter for Paid Employment Scheme".
** CD-7 Runoff Question: Has any of the former CD-7 Candidates endorsed BIG OIL MONICA Rodriguez for the May Runoff? 

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