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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Breaking News!! 34th CA Candidate Arturo Carmona and likely CD 1 Runoff Challenger Joe-Bray-Ali announce "Political Union"

In Breaking News from Highland Park, likely Council District One (CD-1) Runoff Challenger Joe Bray-Ali and 34th Congressional District Candidate Arturo Carmona, have just announced a "Progressive Political Union", that may have mutualistic benefits for each respective Campaigns in Northeast Los Angeles.
 Likely CD-1 Runoff Challenger Joe Bray-Ali.
Top-tier 34th CD Candidate Arturo Carmona.
** Blogger's Notes: Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, along with embattled CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo, may be the recipient of a "Political Bern", inflicted by the NOW, Progressive Union of upstart Candidates Arturo Carmona and Joe Bray-Ali respectively. The Progressive Duo just announced their new "Progressive Political Union" this afternoon via a video upload. Pending the final count of the remaining CD-1 Ballots on Friday, this "strategic union" could have a profound, mutualistic impact on both campaigns, especially in regards to Grass Roots support on the ground level----Scott Johnson.

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