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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Bloggin Emergency Message from "Xavy Barreta" regarding Congressional Candidate Jimmy Gomez

The Mayor Sam Blog has obtain the following "Emergency Message from Xavy Barreta" that questions 34th Congressional District Candidate Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez's FITNESS to serve as the replacement for, NOW California Attorney General Xavier Becerra ........, that discerning observers, find similar to an infamous 2001 LA Mayoral Campaign Robo Call targeting then Mayoral Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa. 
Another dreaded "Bloggin Moment of Truth" for Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez?
** Blogger's Notes: Disclaimer, the following could be taken as Satire .........., but there is no discounting the veracity of the content. That stated, the Mayor Sam Blog has received the following "EMERGENCY MESSAGE" via a "Xavy Barreta", that questions the FITNESS of 34th Congressional District Candidate, Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, to replace, NOW California Attorney General Xavier Beccera. Longtime, discerning Political Observers will find the contents below, similar to an infamous 2001 LA Mayoral Campaign Robocall, targeting the formerly Antonio Villaraigosa that was linked to the unsuccessful Xavier Becerra Campaign. Years later, someone with a satirical appreciation has OBVIOUSLY, not-forgotten Becerra's Folly and is either, engaging in political retribution ........, or having some factually-based laughs at the expense of "Establishment Jimmy"  ;)  ;)-----Scott Johnson.
PLEASE DON'T DELETE!! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY MESSAGE FOR 34th CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT VOTERS. My name is Xavy Barreta and I have some Important FACTS for 34th CD Voters. Its time for the SILENCE to be broken about Congressional Candidate Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez. 

FACT: Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez (from Riverside), like Campaign Supporter State Senator President Kevin Alexander Leon (from Logan Beach in San Diego), was CARPETAGGED into Northeast LA to served at the direction of the Democratic Party Establishment.
FACT: Unlike the MAJORITY of 34th CD Democratic Voters, Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez supported the corrupt "Wife of Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign" which allegedly RIGGED the California Democratic Primary against Challenger Bernie Sanders.
FACT: Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez Congressional Campaign has engaged in alleged (and expensive) FAKE POLLING, that denotes the Establishment-anointed Candidate as the Front Runner, while the current 51st AD Officeholder, seeks to pass legislation regarding FAKE NEWS.  
FACT: in the recent 51st Assembly District Delegate Elections, the "Establishment Slate" supported by Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, was TROUNCED by Progressive Supporters of Bernie Sanders. 
And it is a Fact ........., that Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez told members of the Northeast LA Community that he was AGAINST ANY CHANGES to the Cop-killing AB-109 Prison Realignment Legislation, that along with Prop 47 and Prop 57,is responsible for the RISING CRIME RATES being covered up by his Congressional Campaign Supporter Mayor Eric Garcetti.
PLEASE, on April 4th, say NO to Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez for Congress, the Public Safety and Ethical Health of our Greater 34th Congressional District Community depends on it. 
Save a Donkey, Stop Congressional Carpetbagging.
Boring Jimmy and Dull Xavier.
Another S G & A Campaign Deconstructing.

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