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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Afternoon Briefs on the LA-32 NC Scene for Wednesday

The much-maligned (when controlled by CD-14/Disempowerment LA Puppet Masters) LA-32 Neighborhood Council begins 2017 with a renewed focus on community as longtime Stakeholder Anthony Manzano replaces the "departed" Jennifer Markewych as President. 
With NO APOLOGIES to Disempowerment LA, the Stakeholders have chosen their President.
** We part momentarily from our normal cynical, sardonic persona ......, to bring you a positive story of informative, engaged Stakeholders, who acted as a Community to right a miscarriage of government interference. 
With the resignation of Jennifer Markewych as the President of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, the "Powers to Be (CD-14 and Disempowerment LA)", sought to replace the noted Hillary Clinton supporter by anointing Vice-President (and former Huizar Staffer) Miguel Vargas as their designated heir ........., but one problem, Stakeholders have a vote, and vote they did in returning Manzano to the President position, by rejecting the choice of former President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), who had to abdicate his position as Vice-President to seek the Top Office.
Its no secret to discerning observers of the supposed "Empower LA Department", that the increasingly politicized management, has an internal "Troublemaker?Black List (in cooperation with various Council Members) of Constituents, which they desire NAUGHT to see elected to any NC ....., and Manzano was one of them.
Fortunately for the LA-32 Community, Stakeholders out-voted the CD-14-controlled Board Members in electing Manzano, despite the obvious consternation of Disempowerment LA Staff .....and a CD-14-accommodating former NC President-----Scott Johnson.

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