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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Will "Disempowerment LA" Null and Void LA-32 NC Stakeholders Rights regarding the Electing of new Board President?

As the LA-32 Neighborhood Council meets this evening to, allegedly, conduct business on behalf of its constituents, discerning Stakeholders are pondering if the staff of "Disempowerment LA" will craft a "Directive", that would "Null and Void their NC ByLaws-granting Rights" to vote in selecting a new NC President. 
 "Disempowerment LA-assigned" Deputy City Attorney Darren Martinez (center) with Council 4 Councils Mentors (including friend Ex LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca).
** Blogger's Note: If anyone still had questions regarding ethical standing of the City Department responsible for "EMPOWERING" Stakeholder's participation in Neighborhood Governance, then plan on attending tonight's meeting of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council.

The same LA-32 NC Stakeholders, who will for most part, have a vote in selecting a new Congressperson in the months ahead, may have their "NC Bylaws-granting Rights" to partake in the voting for a new NC President to replace the departed Jennifer Markewych .........., "Null and Void".

The LA-32 NC ByLaws state the following in regards to Stakeholders Rights to vote in the selection of Executive Committee Members.

B. At the General Meeting when the new Board members are installed, all Board Directors AND all LA-32 NC voting Stakeholders present, shall vote to elect the five (5) Officers. Any tie-vote will be decided by a second vote of the two (2) highest vote getters. In case of a tie, the Board shall vote to break the tie 

But in a recent vote to replace the LA-32 NC Recording Secretary the former President DID NOT grant the attending Stakeholders their "ByLaws-granting Voting Rights", citing an undocumented (ie. unwritten) correspondence with "Disempowerment LA" legal staff. ** For the record, the denial of Stakeholder's Rights to vote in selecting the Recording Secretary, is the subject of a Grievance (filed by this writer ......, and former LA-32 NC Board Member/Recording Secretary).

That stated, the alleged "direction" granted to former President Markewych by "Disempowerment LA Staff" was another example of inclusion-denying (and legally-questionable meddling) that can be discerned to benefit the "Exclusive/Politically-Connected Board Members", who are merely tools to further the Political Agenda of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (and his anointed Special Interest associates). 

Thus, this evening meeting's of the supposed "Community Inclusive (and representing) Entity" should serve as a Affirmation on whether the LA-32 NC, places its Rights of Stakeholders paramount, or instead, the Political Agenda of its tyrant, micro-managing City Councilperson (with the meddling, enabling help of Disempowerment LA Staff MemberTom Soong) ......., that the likes of Board Members Marcia Guzman, Kathy Leal and current Presiding Officer Miguel Vargas know all too well------Scott Johnson.

 "Disempowerment LA;s" Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate Thomas Soong ........., who has repeatedly meddled in the affairs/decision-making of the LA-32 NC. 
Current LA-32 NC Vice-President and Land Use Committee Chairperson Miguel Vargas ........., was a former Councilman Huizar Staffer. 

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