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Monday, October 31, 2016

A LA Times October Surprise Targets City Hall's "Political Tricks and Contributing Treats Proclivities"

Will a LA Times Investigated Report, outing an alleged "$600,000 Washing of Campaign Contributions" to City Hall Politicos by a Harbor Gateway Apartment Developer, become the October Surprise that adversely affects Measures JJJ and HHH on Election Day?
The LA Times still knows Investigated Reporting (occasionally). 
LA County Board of Supervisors Candidate Janice Hahn ($203,500) and CD-15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino ($94,700) love the smell of "washed campaign contributions (allegedly)".
** Blogger's Note: What came first in CD-15's Harbor Gateway Community, the Political Money Laundromat or the $72-Million Apartment  Complex, both owned by a certain Samuel Leung? The answer as reported in a LA Times Investigated Report and political ramifications ensuing from the reactions via various community members, is bound to have November (and March) Elections cogitations 
For former CD-15 City Councilwoman (and current LA County Board of Supervisors Candidate) Janice "Money Babs" Hahn, the timing could not be worse as she is force, again to deal with questionable campaign money issues.
Former LAPD Senior Lead Officer, turned "Money Babs" Hahn's replacement on the City Council Joe Buscaino has pledge to return all questionable contributions pending he results of a Ethics Commission Investigation. 
But for every "Average Joe (Politico)" on the City Council, there are the likes of Nury Martinez, Mitch Englander ........., and the Developer's "Perpetual Bridesmaid" Jose Huizar who have remain silent regarding the latest City Hall "Pay to Play Expose"  ............, and HOPEFULLY the result will be an adverse outcome for Measures JJJ and HHH on Tuesday Ballot.
As Neighborhood Integrity Initiative Frontperson Jill Stewart stated to the LA Times.
“We need to know whether L.A. city officials are selling their votes,” she said. “Every city needs housing. Most cities don’t go corrupt in order to do it.”
......., and come again in March, voters can put a freeze on this corrupt process until needed reforms are inplemented----Scott Johnson.
The Sea Breeze Apartment Complex.

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