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Monday, September 12, 2016

A Petulant, Infant Assemblyman's Unprecedented Political Payback Against Colleague Adrin Nazarian?

As a now Sacramento-residing (allegedly), former live-with-Mommy "Infant, Petulant Assemblyman Mike Gatto" nears his termed-out date, his inner anger/vindictiveness is proving to be a divisive, politically-unprecedented character trait, causing internal-party turmoil among his legislative colleagues. 
The former "Stay at Mommy's Silver Lake Home Assemblyman (for domicile purposes)" is proving that you can always resort to your inner-Infantile, Vindictive Mannerism to enact retribution on his perceived Political Enemies (ie. Anthony Portantino and Adrin Nazarian among others).
** Blogger's Note: Please pardon the bloggin pause as we give thanks to California Term Limits Law for the pending end of an Eight Year Reign of Vindictive, Infantile Leadership via a former "Stay at Mommy's Silver Lake Home (for domicile reasons) Infant Assemblyman", now a East Sacramento-residing, bitter Politico (with issues), 

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the soon-to-be "Infantile Ex Oficio" is spending his remaining legislative days engaging in alleged, precedence-setting political payback, targeting the likes of a former Assemblyman Anthony Portantino Chief of Staff .........., and now fellow Democratic Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian (no surprise when knowing the vitriol between "Lil Mikey" and the Armenian Community).
According to the Sacramento Bee, the pending "Infantile Ex Oficio" is the "Vindictive Politico of Interest" regarding a "Write-In Campaign" against the bordering 46th Assembly District Officeholder ....., and noted Gatto antagonist, as evident on the video below.
Assemblyman Gatto and Nazarian exchanging personal barbs on the Floor of the Legislature.
Nazarian's Campaign Consultant Eric Hacopian believes with GOOD CAUSE that Gatto is instigating the Write-In Campaign (by the wife of his former District Office Director) in an excerpt posted below from the Sacramento Bee missive.
Eric Hacopian, Nazarian’s campaign strategist, thinks Gatto and his allies are helping to orchestrate the nascent effort. Rupert, 38, is married to Jason Insalaco, Gatto’s former district director. And the two share other connections. “There is no doubt, based on all the evidence, that Angela Rupert’s entry into this race was planned and organized by Mike Gatto,” Hacopian told The Bee.

The retort to Hacopian's comments via Rupert's Campaign Manager, in which she states that the Political Consultant is a "Subscriber to the Tin Foil Hat of the Month Club", is a cause for dismissive, bloggin laughter ......, considering that the pending "Infantile Ex Oficio", went "Full Gatto Truther" to the LA Weekly, in stating that our late Blog Creator Michael Higby, was "bought off" by ............, Eric Hacopian.

Gatto claims that Higby was "bought off" by Eric Hacopian, a political consultant who worked for Gatto's 2010 Armenian-American opponent, Nayiri Nahabedian. "These charges are so stupid," Hacopian says. "He really said that?"
He did ........., and its apparent that a soon-to-be "Infantile Ex Oficio" really has some inner-issues of character, that his own Political Party will have to forcefully deal with in the near future----Scott Johnson. 

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article100850952.html#storylin

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