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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Momentary Bloggin Episode in Deconstructing Factually-challenged Comments via Mayor Garcetti and the LA Times

With no apologies to the likes of Mayor Eric Garcetti and "The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)", your bias, subjective attempts to misrepresent yesterday's Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's "Second Amendment Comment (and other verbal utterances)", cannot whitewash the 2008 Wife of Impeached President Bill Clinton's  "Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Comment" ......., and Joe Biden's "Shotguns and Beretta Joke" directed at, now President Barack Obama.   
The "Local Democratic Machine Fishwrap of Record" and Mayor Eric Garcetti.
** Blogger's Note: We interrupt a Mayor Eric Garcetti-led delegation to the 2016 South of the Equator Olympics (and the LA Times reporting of), to bring our cyber-audience a "Bloggin Teachable Moment" on the pratfalls of engaging in factually-challenged, partisan presidential politics in the Age of the Internet. 
Of course, after yesterday's substance-devoid, outrage over the Second Amendment Rights comments via the New York Billionaire, the Rhodes Scholar, turned multi-ethnic politico with national office aspirations, would be remiss if he did not join in the Main Stream Media-led (with the LA Time's aiding and abetting), context-lacking Pinata Party, targeting the Republican Nominee. 
But as we document below, Mayor Garcetti and the LA Political Machine's "Fishwrap PR Contractor of Record", cannot gloss over the TRUTH of a "certain 2008 Democratic Candidate (and current 2016 Democrat Presidential Nominee), who cited the 1968 Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, in rebutting calls to drop out before the California Primary, against now President Barack Obama. 
But more telling in outing the Double Standard of those who found insinuations of violence and malice, lurking between the syllables of Candidate Trump's remarks, is the video below of now Vice-President Joe Biden's "Shotguns and Beretta Joke" directed at his then, running mate Barack Obama.
In the Spirit of Objectively ........., and in educating those trapped in a bias, subjective mind set, we have posted all three videos for your open-minded review below----Scott Johnson.
Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump's "Second Amendment Rights Comments". 
Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton's "2008 Assassination Comments".
Now Vice-President Joe Biden's "2008 Shotguns and Beretta Joke directed at Barack Obama"

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