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Saturday, August 06, 2016

A Mayor Sam Response to Email Legal Threats via LA-32 NC Board Member Keith Survillas

On this Morning After our Mayor Sam Exclusive regarding LA-32 Neighborhood Council Board Member Keith Survillas "Physical and Verbal Accosting" of a Retire, Female Law Enforcement Officer, we have receive two emails from Board Member Survillas ............, which we post (and respond to) below.
LA-32 NC Board Member Keith Survillas.
** Blogger's Note: Great Saturday Morning to everyone in our cyber audience as we take time this morning to endeavor in the bloggin exercise of granting the subject our yesterday's Mayor Sam Exclusive, LA-32 NC Board Member Keith Survillas, an opportunity to keyboard a response/rebuttal/retort to our FACT-BASED missive ..........., and he did, in two emails which we post below.
First Email received at 2:31 PM on Friday:
What a joke- I suggest you take this down before my attorney does. Thanks Scott! Keith
Second Email received at 2:36 PM on Friday:
Hi Scott
Our First Amendment is a wonderful thing but there are limits. I ask that you take that false and defamatory post down or I will pursue legal avenues. None of us have time for these games. I trust that the city will be involved if your post isn't removed by the end of the day today.

We would normally take the bloggin opportunity to grant the trained Human Resources Director (and aspiring Trump-like Republican Officeholder) an expansive response to his claims and legal threats cited in the emails (** BTW Board Member Survillas, you can link here to our posted response regarding a previous "Cease and Desist Request" from a LA-32 located entity ........, that also suffices as our official retort to your legal threats, wink, wink), but this being a Saturday, we offer these short, concise comments.

First Board Member Survillas, you DO have a constitutional right to confront a retired, Female Law Enforcement Officer (who is also a Widow of a LAPD Homicide Detective) and call her "An Embarrassment to Law Enforcement (which multiple witnesses heard you do)".

Second Board Member Survillas, you DO NOT have the right to make physical contact (as witness by multiple people and noted to Empower LA Staff Member Thomas Soong), under the California Penal Code for Battery, when verbally-accosting and denigrating a longtime LA-32 Stakeholder.

Third Board Member Survillas, we STRONGLY recommend that you retain Legal Counsel.

With respects,
Scott Johnson
Editor/Chief Writer
Mayor Sam Blog

** BTW Board Member Survillas, we can state, FOR THE RECORD, that the person you accosted is moving forward in filing a FORMAL COMPLAINT.

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