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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Notes (with videos) on the Dis-unified, Hypocritical 2016 DNC Convention Proceedings

As supporters of Vermont Socialist/Red Senator Bernie Sanders put a BERN to Democratic Party Unity in the wake of the Democrat National Committee Emails Controversy, we bloggin bring you the usual details of Hypocrisy via the supposed Political Party of Inclusive Tolerance (NAUGHT!!) from its "walled-off" 2016 Convention. 
Soon to be FORMER Democrat Party Chairwoman (now Hillary Campaign Staffer) Debbie "Blabbermouth-Schultz's "heckled-exit" from the Convention proceedings.
** Blogger's Note: It was only Day One of the 2016 Democrat National Convention .........., and thanks to a most-timely LEAK of internal Democrat National Committee (DNC) Emails by an alleged (LMAO!!) Trump/Russian Cabal of Hackers, the American Populace, along with the ardent supporters of Vermont Socialist/Red Senator Bernie Sanders, were reminded again of the inner-hypocritical/bias operating structure of a supposed Political Party of Inclusive Tolerance. We have endeavor below to bring our cyber audience the best Hypocritical Highlights (rooted in showcasing LA and California's Political Machine contributions to the theatrics) ........., and with tonight's showcasing of grieving parents of those murdered by alleged, Killer Cops (with no mentioned of ISIS), the bloggin fodder of content will require daily updating----Scott Johnson (BTW, good riddance to "Debbie BS" as noted above). 
Wife of Bill Clinton Press Secretary Brian Fallon feeling the BERN.
** While the DNC wants their Low Information Voter Base to fixate on the alleged Russian/Trump Campaign Cabal of Cyber Hackers ........, instead of feigning accountability for the content exposed within the emails, supporters of Senator Sanders were putting the BERN to the Wife of Bill Clinton's Press Secretary Brian Fallon as the RAGE of the RIGGED Primary Elections, spilled over within the Convention Hall with chants of LOCK HER UP!!
California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First espousing the DNC's "Latino Taco Bowl Engagement".
** Various members of the "Greece on the Pacific's (formerly a Golden State) One Party Political Machine" were granted brief speaking spots before the enraged, divided Convention attendees  Speakers of note included 2018 Governor Candidate Gavin Newson (who's speech is garnering some plagiarism push back, again) ..........., and self-styled Political Royalty via State Senate President Kevin De Leon the First. President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First highlighted the state's One Party Machine's inclusive approach in supporting (ILLEGAL) Immigration, while exampling the DNC's Latino Taco Bowl Engagement Campaign. 
The DNC Convention Wall separating the Party-chosen Elites and Commoners.
** We ponder how the likes of President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First and other DNC Latino/Latina Speakers felt about espousing support for the Wife of Bill Clinton via attacks on the alleged racist proclivities of Republican Presidential Nominee ..............., from behind a "Blue Wall" separating the elites from the commoners. But then the likes of President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First are use to having "walls of non-accountability" between them and discerning investigators of their political conduct.
Comedian and Bernie Sanders Supporter Sarah Silverman in Black Face.
** The Political Party of Jim Crow, Andrew Jackson, Robert "KKK" Byrd, George Wallace ........, and the Wife of Bill Clinton, still has an tolerance for those who engage in the repugnant, racist thespian role playing of the Black Face, as exampled by Bernie Sanders Supporter Sarah Silverman. Silverman garnered some negative push back last evening for calling out the non-Wife of Bill Clinton supporters of the BERN, ........., as being ridiculous  
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders speaking to California Delegation yesterday.
** Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made a surprise visit to the California Delegation at the DNC Convention, garnering a positive reception from the delegates, who earlier vented on the likes of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi ..........., and REALLY DUMPING ON Secretary of State Alex Padilla. Padilla has been "formally accused" of RIGGING the California Priimary (won by the Wife of Bill Clinton 53-46%) for the former American Secretary of State.
A 2012 DNC Convention Flashback featuring former FAILURE Mayor Antonio Villar.
** With the now, Political Reincarnation-seeking Antonia Villargovea due to address the 2016 DNC Convention, we offer this bloggin flashback to the 2012 DNC Convention, where the noted Roosevelt High School Graduate, showcased his ability to discern a 2/3 vote on the support (or lack of) of Israel and God within the Democratic Party.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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