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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Evening Update: Did USC/Supervisor Hilda Solis Discriminate in the Expulsion of Stakeholder/Blogger from supposed "PRIVATE" Meeting?

In an Evening Update to a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we present Photographic Evidence of the Deliberate Targeting of a certain "Hazard Park Preservation Committee (HPPC) Member (and Mayor Sam Blogger)" for Expulsion from a PRIVATE USC/Supervisor Hilda Solis Meeting .........., while supposed fellow ........., while supposed fellow HPPC members Ray and Ruth Rios, remained silent.    
Photo Caption: Ray and Ruth Rios of the Hazard Park Preservation Committee, Supervisor Solis, USC President Max Nikias.
Ray Rios wearing Hazard Park Preservation Committee Shirt. 
** Blogger's Note:  In an Evening Update to our today's Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have obtained Photographical Documentation of this Blogger's  (and Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member) EXPULSION from a PRIVATE USC/Supervisor Hilda Solis-Meeting at the old County Hospital, now Wellness Center. In the photo below, it can be CLEARLY visualize that a female staff member of The Wellness Center, is directing this writer to leave the supposed PRIVATE meeting (this blogger is seated, in green Hazard Park Preservation Committee Shirt,  "third from the left in back of the room, facing the female Wellness Center Staffer). Further, Wellness Center Staff Member Nick Moghadassi (in white shirt and badge is on the immediate right, standing in back of the room, left of pillar). Further, we have photographed a copy of the PRIVATE Meeting Agenda, that show Staff Member Mogadassi's contact information which identifies him as the person stating that I vacate the supposed "exclusive gathering". For the Record, the photo above via Supervisor Solis Website, notes that Ray and Ruth Rios were representing, the Hazard Park Preservation Committee ........, and the photo below was taken by ........., supposed Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member Ray Rios----Scott Johnson. 
Photo documenting Wellness Center Staffer requesting that a certain Mayor Sam Blogger (and supposed Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member) vacated a PRIVATE Meeting.
Photo of supposed PRIVATE Meeting Agenda with contact information of Wellness Center Staffer Nick Modhadassi, who requested that Mayor Sam Blogger (and Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member) vacate the proceedings. 
Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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