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Friday, January 22, 2016

Noting another Implosion in the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Political Machine

The Northeast San Fernando Valley Democrat Political Machine is the epicenter for another Ethical and Legal Implosion as the Los Angeles Times discloses incriminating evidence of False Donations made in the name of CD 6 Voters by the 2015 Nury Martinez for City Council Campaign.
What did Nury know about an alleged scheme to defraud the Taxpayers, via bogus Campaign Contributions?

** Blogger's Note: Its amazing what can grow out of a gathering of Northeast San Fernando Valley Democrat Political Machine Staffers, at a 2014 39th Assembly District Campaign Ballot Count.

From Official Notification in the Congressional Record, through numerous Subpoenas of CD 6 and CD 7 Staffers, then a sudden announcement from an ambitions First Term City Councilman Felipe Fuentes, that he would not seek a Second Term and now the latest regarding questionable, small donations to the 2015 Nury Martinez for City Council Campaign ........, can we presume that something scandalous is being exposed via a FBI/Federal Grand Jury Investigation.

The latest implosion regarding the alleged washing of money into small CD 6 Constituent-based contributions to garner the maximum amount of public Matching Funds, has the characteristics of an organized attempt to circumvent new Ethics Commission requirements that City Council Campaigns must document "Grass Roots Support" by gathering 200 $5-10 Donations to qualified for taxpayers Matching Funds.

Discerning observers can extrapolate via the Times detailed report, that someone within the Northeast San Fernando Valley Machine, has been giving the FBI/Federal Grand Jury Investigation, a GPS concise road map on the financial manipulations, orchestrated to circumvent Ethics Commission/FPPC Rules.

If there is any person who can speak regarding the fiscal practices of the five-headed Northeast Political Cabal, it would be the husband of CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, Consultant Gerry Guzman. We can only speculate whether the architect of the 2014, now former Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra Campaign's collapse, has been formally summon to answer questions under oath, but we can gather that no formal resolution to this even-expanding investigation, would not be complete, without testimony from the Husband of Nury----Scott Johnson.

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